Tom Granger is giving a presentation today.

See, I told you so?

This is the content page Tom is currently using for the “Tom Granger is giving a presentation today” example.

This page lives outside of his normal site, it was created on November 6th, 2012 while he was furiously typing away setting all of this up in Powerpoint.

What this is really all about is a landing page designed for a specific purpose, or centered around a specific phrase or keyword you want to capture traffic for. We have a handful of normal navigational pages and 1000s of content pages like this one that are designed for searches.

It is important to:

  • Make the content actually relevant.
  • Do not keyword jam.
  • Do not clutter with links.
  • The page should make some sense
  • Within one click the user should be back in your “normal” website.

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