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Unnecessary Elements in HTML Email

In this chapter of our continuing discussion on HTML email, we are going to talk about the different elements which are not really all that necessary in your mailings.

The following are not necessary for HTML email and should be stripped out before you mail. This will reduce the overall size of your mailing and increase the speed in which it is delivered, rendered, and received by your customers. While this may not seem like a big deal for a hundred piece mailing, imagine send 5 million or so emails in a single day.…

Introduction into HTML Email

Pop-quiz hotshot!

You’ve got to send an HTML email to a list of clients and have it display correctly across a spectrum of email clients which include Outlook, web-based, frame-based. It has to be Netscape compatible, Eudora-friendly, Lotus Notes accessible…

What do you do?*

[Editor’s note: If you could say “What do you do?” a second time in your head in your best “Dennis Hopper Voice”™, it would really help us out.]

So, you want to send HTML email to your clients, prospects or newsletter subscribers.…

HTML Email – Images will not display in Gmail when sending email newsletter

Here we are, in our HTML Email Laboratory again with another Gmail-specific problem.


Gmail does not display images in an HTML Email.

Culprit: Border Styles. 

Example: style= “border:none;

Because Gmail and other web-based email systems tend to strip out styles – it looks like using a style reference in your IMG tag will cause Gmail not to render the entire image.

What you should just do is use border=”0″ to accomplish the same thing, namely you want to avoid that little blue border that surrounds an image when an anchor link is placed around it.…

Email Marketing and Campaign Agreement

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Email marketing agreement.

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AOL Formatting Tips for HTML Email

America Online is a source of frustration to a great number of Developers and Web Marketers around the world. When you consider AOL you have to remember that you are not just dealing with a custom web browser, but you are also dealing with the manner in which AOL runs their Network.

AOL’s browser is basically just a custom “skin” or “branded” version of Internet Explorer. It is the AOL proxy server that makes the web browser behave differently than through a normal dial-up or LAN connection.…

HTML Email & using Javascript in your Messages

Since Javascript’s are mainly a unique and proprietary element, and by this we mean that you can write 100 different scripts which all do basically the same thing but in a different manner, complex JavaScripts will always have trouble in your HTML email.

Due to the wide variety of email clients, browsers, security settings, updates, and service packs installed, it is difficult to predict how a script will execute against any given email client. Javascripts can cause browsers & Outlook 2000 to disable and active scripting contained in an email document (there has been an increase in email security due to malicious scripts).…

How to send HTML Email with Entourage (Mac)

In preferences, you need to have “Display complex HTML in messages” and “Allow
network access when displaying complex HTML” checked. Also uncheck and rechecked
to see if that makes a difference.

Entourage Product Support information:

You may need to download the “send complex html” applescript from

should let you use absolute/full pathnames for the files. Be
sure it is the *server* pathname and not your local machine.

Using a base href tag will help as well.


Flash Email – Update – How to send Flash Email

Flash Email: Dateline: 2 years ago: Everybody wanted to do it, no one seemed able to pull it off correctly.

Flash Email: Dateline: Now “ See above.

It’s time for everybody’s favorite Flash Email update once again! It’s been a few years since we took a long, hard look at Flash Email, the promises of those pushing Rich Media technologies and those pesky little things like Email Clients or Firewalls that seem to get in the way.

The short of it.