WordPress Genesis Framework Customization

Here at FDG Web we do a lot of work within the Genesis framework for WordPress. This includes: Genesis customization, Genesis programming and theme Development.

What actually is the Genesis Framework?

The Genesis framework is an advanced “wrap-around” add-on framework you can install for WordPress. This gives you a more robust “Enterprise” approach to your development. Some designers find this difficult to work with because you have to really plan out the architecture of your project. Some designers rely heavily on WordPress doing a lot of these things for you out of the box.

That is the problem for some projects in a nutshell. It is limiting you and forcing you to do things a very specific way which is not always best for the project or client.

How can I customize the Genesis Framework?

Genesis is very friendly to developers and has a ton of documentation and examples to assist you with your learning curve.

Genesis is very SEO friendly, provided your content actually is worthwhile and support the use of Schema and Microdata in your pages and posts.

With Genesis you can built out a series of child themes, custom functions, use┬ámultiple layouts, create custom classes, widgets and essentially tailor your solution to your client’s need – all within an enhanced security framework.

In short, you do not have to stuff your client’s project into WordPress’s limitations – you can expand the framework to properly scale to the project’s needs.

Here are some recent projects we’ve done and how Genesis has helped.

Genesis Framework

Satori Software: Seattle, WA

Project Technologies: Salesforce & Pardot integration, custom address validation, webinar and support portal integration, custom search features, enhanced role-based editing and permissions (e.g. certain departments can only edit certain sections of the website based on their areas of responsibilities.) – a “Tech Notes” section that supports 1000’s of individual FAQ & “How-to’s” for their family of products.


Hilde Family Dentistry: Mount Vernon, WA

Project Technologies: Design & Development Services, Dentrix & CRM integration, DemandForce integration and secure HIPAA patient portal integration.

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