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Magento End of Life Screenshot

Magento to Shopify Migration Options

With Magento 1.9x reaching end of life in June of 2020, many site owners are in an understandable panic. The ability to safely and securely run Magento beyond June is in question.

While Magento has its strengths and weaknesses, you really have to rely on having developers on hand to keep your store running and secure. That costs money.

Many store owners are migrating to Shopify in order to have one fixed cost, simply their lives and focus more on sales and marketing.…

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Shopify Subscription & Reoccurring Billing Products

If you have a Shopify product that sells on a monthly or other reoccurring basis we can help you set up a proper auto-ship or subscription payment option. This can either be easy or complex depending on your individual requirements.

Standard Shopify Subscription Products

Easy subscription payments tend to be:

  • Monthly auto-ships with (or without) discounts off the base price.
  • Decrements a single inventory the rest of the store uses.
  • Can have additional time periods that unlock additional discounts. (e.g. Quarterly or Annual Subscriptions at a higher discount to customers.)

11 reasons why your Shopify store is failing and how to fix it.

Over the past 20 years as a Web Development Agency we have built, managed or otherwise supported hundreds of eCommerce websites. These range from small “Mom & Pop” shops to clients featured on Shark Tank doing millions of dollars in sales per month.

This also means we have had a ringside seat to a number of bad ideas, some of which can easily be fixed with minimal effort.

Shopify is a great platform. It is suitable for small businesses and enterprise customers alike.…

Shopify API Web Development Services

Today we are featuring a number of Custom Shopify API development projects we’ve completed recently. In the past we have development solutions for clients that push and pull data using the Shopify API.

Shopify Installment Payment System

DDP Yoga engaged us to build out a custom payment method in Shopify that allowed certain products to be purchased on an installment plan. This system would be triggered when certain products were placed in the cart and take them to an alternate “bypass checkout” that pushed installment payments spread out over three months into…


Case Study: DDP Yoga (as featured on Shark Tank)

Tech Profile: Shopify + custom PHP / CAKE for installment and re-occurring billing.

We were brought in to create a payment installment system that allowed orders to be place, fulfilled and subsequently billed for a limited number of re-occurring payments.

We worked with Shopify Plus and as a solution combination for making this feature a reality. We created a pass-through checkout system where if an order contained certain product IDs, it would present them a new checkout that communicated with…

Inventory Management Systems for Shopify

What options exist for Inventory Management Systems for Shopify?

One of the things that cost clients a lot of time and money is keeping up to date with all of the various shippers they want to use in their shopping cart or dealing with back office inventory management systems. Some of these are older legacy desktop applications that do not connect easily to their online stores.

In terms of shipping, often these back-end systems are responsible for moving the product through an order process (receiving, fulfillment, shipping, etc) that is specific to the merchant’s business.…

Shopify App Development

FDG Web is an active Shopify Experts program participant. We assist clients with their custom development needs on the Shopify platform.

We current provide services for:

  • Shopify store setup help and assistance
  • Custom Shopify Application development
  • Custom Shopify Theme design & development
  • Shopify integration – including CRM, ERP, web services and fulfillment integration or other APIs

In addition, we also create “pass-through” applications for Shopify. This is where you need custom functionality that is not currently supported by the Shopify App environment.…