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Cala Products Homepage

Magento Multistore Project – Multivendor – Cala Products | Danville, CA

This case study involves a Magento multistore project we did for Cala Products and the NuFoot line of products.

Magento Multistore Mode

Magento multistore mode allows you to run multiple shopping carts or stores under a single Magento installation. In this case we have 4 sub-domains set up under one installation and each product line has its own eCommerce shopping cart.

With Magento multi-store you are able to:

  • create individual shopping carts and catalogs and use different domains
  • create different features and functionality across each individual store
  • have different shipping, payment and checkout processes for each store
  • assign different products, categories and manufacturers to each store

While we did not do the design for this site, we took over the continued development and support for the Magento installation and continue to extend its features.…

Two New Everett WordPress Development Projects

Today we highlight a few specific projects in our WordPress Development portfolio. Each of these projects was developed using WordPress + an Enterprise Framework overlay in order to secure each website as well as built out a WordPress-optimized SEO foundation.

As a WordPress Development company, we offer custom WordPress websites as well as WordPress plugin development.

WordPress Development: Dunlap Industrial – Everett, WA

Dunlap Industrial wanted to have a new, modern website built while retaining their easy to browse catalog feel their customers have always relied on.…

Seattle WordPress Developers – Case Studies and Projects

As a WordPress Development Agency located just out side of Seattle, we work with a large number of Seattle-based companies and agencies.

A few WordPress Projects have included:

WordPress Custom Plugin Development

National Dialogue Network, Seattle, WA – Opinionnaire® WordPress Plugin

Opinionnaire® Survey analysis and Fast Forum® reports is a plugin that calculates an innovative survey metric known as the “Polarization-Consensus Rating” (PC-Rating™), originally created by Richard J. Spady in the 1970s and now adapted for WordPress by his son John I.…

Case Study: HIPAA Web Development: Delta Dental – CAKEPHP

Enterprise myDentalScore

myDentalScore (mDS) is an online risk assessment tool that a user can use to generate oral disease risk and health scores based on information they know about themselves. It is designed to help patients understand their need for professional care and to raise their “dental IQ” so they will be more receptive to improving oral health. After completing the assessment, patients are encouraged to print out their report and share it with their dentist.

The Problem:

Our client wanted a way to manage all mDS sites in a central location for better control, easier management, lower maintenance and enhanced security.…

Las Vegas Shopify Design & Customization Services

FDG Web serves a number of different clients in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Here is a small sample of some consulting and development projects we have completed.

Shopify Fosdick IntegrationProject Spotlight: Shopify Integration – Bella J., Las Vegas, NV

We assisted this lifestyle beauty / gift brand, prior to their acquisition by Almar, by integrating their Shopify website with their fulfillment center (Fosdick). We used a pass-through domain using the Shopify API to push and retrieve orders from both systems and dynamically fill in details for shipping alerts and other customer touchpoints.…

CS-Cart Author and Bookseller Addons

Another case study we’d like to feature is one where we added multiple authors and artists to CS-Cart Product searches and product detail pages.

This allows users to click on any one of the authors or artists and see all products that the author or artist is associated with. This appears at the CSCart product details page as well as the search results and filters.

Case study: CS-Cart: Fantagraphics Books


Functionality and Features:

  • Search and filter by artists and authors
  • Assign multiple authors or artists to a single product (book)
  • Specifications, press, book excerpts and description tabs
  • Discount buying club, memberships w/ access control, digital downloads and more

Case study: CS-Cart: StuartNg Books


WordPress Find a Doctor or Provider Plugin

One of the projects we would like to highlight is a recent “Find a Provider” plugin we created for WordPress that allows visitors to search a map and return results for Heathcare Providers within the area of their search.

Case study: Find a Pelvic Rehab Practitioner


Functionality and Features:

  • Search providers by city, state or zip
  • Search by browse-able map
  • Search by name
  • Claim a listing
  • Buy enhanced and featured listings with reoccurring billing

Case study: Estimate my Dental Score – Find a Dentist Search


Shopify API Web Development Services

Today we are featuring a number of Custom Shopify API development projects we’ve completed recently. In the past we have development solutions for clients that push and pull data using the Shopify API.

Shopify Installment Payment System

DDP Yoga engaged us to build out a custom payment method in Shopify that allowed certain products to be purchased on an installment plan. This system would be triggered when certain products were placed in the cart and take them to an alternate “bypass checkout” that pushed installment payments spread out over three months into…


Case Study: DDP Yoga (as featured on Shark Tank)

Tech Profile: Shopify + custom PHP / CAKE for installment and re-occurring billing.

We were brought in to create a payment installment system that allowed orders to be place, fulfilled and subsequently billed for a limited number of re-occurring payments.

We worked with Shopify Plus and as a solution combination for making this feature a reality. We created a pass-through checkout system where if an order contained certain product IDs, it would present them a new checkout that communicated with…

Zeustra Website

Healthcare Real Estate Investment Services – Project Case Study

Zeustra Healthcare Real Estate Investment Service’s core focus is healthcare investment property sales across the entire healthcare spectrum. They work with REIT’s, healthcare networks, independently-owned and group-owned practices, private investors, and developers in the acquisition and disposition of medical related properties.

Zeustra Website

This includes:

  • Medical Office Buildings (MOB’s)
  • Surgery Centers
  • Outpatient Care Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Specialized Acute Care
  • Post-Acute Care
  • Other healthcare related real estate

Zeustra came to use to provide a new design for their website – one that helped target their core demographic – targeting clients in the Healthcare Real Estate Investment Services arena.…