Shopify App Development

FDG Web is an active Shopify Experts program participant. We assist clients with their custom development needs on the Shopify platform.

We current provide services for:

  • Shopify store setup help and assistance
  • Custom Shopify Application development
  • Custom Shopify Theme design & development
  • Shopify integration – including CRM, ERP, web services and fulfillment integration or other APIs

In addition, we also create “pass-through” applications for Shopify. This is where you need custom functionality that is not currently supported by the Shopify App environment. We work with our clients to develop middle ware that communicates between the Shopify API and the system that you need to “talk” to.

Example of this include:

  • Transformation of data before it goes to a fulfillment house (e.g. map Shopify data fields to a warehouse’s required formats)
  • “Pick and pull’ systems that need to determine which warehouse to pull from based on final shipping address of customer
  • Dynamic email notifications based on products ordered in Shopify
  • Communication between Shopify and a Mobile App – where a web services unlocks membership in the mobile app free with a purchase made on Shopify
  • Custom auto-ship logic based on Shopify SKUs and the fulfillment center’s confirmation system for customer notifications

In each case, the applications that are developed conform to what Shopify requires in its service agreement. We can push, pull or transform the data in nearly any way you require AND push it right back into Shopify to consolidate all of your ordering information.

Here’s a few recent projects:

DDP Yoga Shopify App

Above: We created a reoccurring billing Shopify app that also communicates to a web service to unlock membership for their mobile application.

Bundle Organics Warehouse Integration

Above: We created a pass-through application that allows orders data to be changed before being sent to Fosdick fulfillment (direct to consumer and business to business) services.

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