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How to secure Drupal – tips & best practices

Securing Drupal, regardless of the version you are working with, is not that difficult. Security, as a baseline, is always a multi-layered exercise. Many clients do not understand that you have to work on securing everything that makes up your website – from server operating system all the way to the application layer.

This post is not going to go into server architecture or best practices for managing packages, RPMs, or other components – for now we will focus on the application layer.…

How to exclude a sub directory from .htaccess 301 redirects

So, here’s something that comes up all the time – you have a sub-directory you want to exclude from a global .htaccess redirect. Often this is due to installing another application within the document-relative paths of an existing website or web application.


  • You want to install a copy of WordPress within an existing Drupal website.
  • or maybe you have an application framework like Cake PHP and you need to exclude a directory from the error handling that occurs across all 404s.

How to find & replace text in a MySQL Database

a function we use a lot is to quickly find and replace all references to a piece of text, word, whatever .. in  a database table or the database as a whole.

Common usages are:

  • Find and replace a word across all WordPress posts
  • Find and replace an HTML Tag that appears in a line of code in a database
  • Find and replace part of a URL or image reference in a database
  • Find and replace an incorrect spelling in a database table or piece of content

As a baseline, the command is easy:

That’s it.…

Mambo Users Guide : Core Administrative Functions

Content Item Editing

A Content Item is not strictly a Web page. Content Items can be single-use, existing only on a single page, or they can be global, existing in a certain place on every page in your site. They can exist only in a certain category of pages or only when a user requests them. Instead of managing your Web site by dividing it into separate pages, Mambo divides what you create into Content Items and then creates pages based on how you want those Content Items organized.…

Mambo Users Guide: Introduction to Mambo


Your new Web site is powered by a piece of software called a Content Management System (CMS). What would be a group of technically demanding, tedious tasks is automated in a CMS, allowing Web site administrators to handle a greater workload. Within the interface of a CMS, you can easily change the look and functionality of your site, as well as change its content and its database of users. Your Web site uses a CMS called Mambo.

This document will help you familiarize yourself with basic Mambo capabilities and tasks.…