About Us

We specialize in effective
Web Development & Design

We build all manner of websites and web applications.

Whether it is building a new site from scratch or completely re-launching a new version of your existing website – we have the experience to do the job. We are based out of the Seattle & Everett area in Arlington, Washington – and serve clients both local and on the national-level. We have made a name for ourselves by delivering high-quality work to our clients at a competitive price.

We build web applications for start-ups or established companies...

Leverage our experience & avoid the pitfalls. We’ve worked the entire life-cycle of development – from prototype to full-featured application. We can make your application a reality.

In short, we’re often doing daily, what you want your business to do –

that is a HUGE difference between us and your typical firm who outsources your work.

FDG Web builds: Websites, Web Applications Custom Software, eCommerce Storefronts, eLearning systems, API documentation and integration and more. Feel free to contact us about your project or web development needs anytime.

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Our Team

Local designers and developers who are full-time employees.

Tom Granger
Executive Director
20+ Years with FDGWeb

Having brought numerous projects and start-ups to market over the past 18 years, Tom often is called upon to act as a “CTO-to-Go” for many of our clients in their early phases of development. He’s helped clients go from simple sketches of an idea and building their prototype – to hiring their first development teams – to guiding their companies through funding or having their companies acquired. Tom has a BA In Law and Communications from EWU and an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems.

Specializes in: Technology Planning, Architecture, Server Adminstration, Product Development & Marketing
Blake Morrison
Development Manager
11+ Years with FDGWeb

Our Chief Solutions architect and Development Director – Blake leads our development team and works with our clients to refine their workflows and streamline their applications so they are both manageable and scalable. A UW Alumni, Blake has extensive experience with building custom application, payment gateways, reoccurring billing systems and working with complex CRM challenges.

Specializes in: PHP / MySQL, Database Development, SugarCRM, Payment Gateways & APIs
Jennifer Rader
Project Manager/Integration
9+ Years with FDGWeb

With over 19 years of Enterprise Software experience – Jen provides project management for active projects & support for our clients in their post-launch phases. She helps coordinate training and support systems (documents, webinars, screen-casts) and is a Drupal expert as well. Seriously, ask her anything.

Specializes in: Drupal, Support, JIRA, Github, Documentation, Test Cases
Troy Jensen
Creative Director
9+ Years with FDGWeb

Troy is our Creative Director and responsible for the design & aesthetic approach that our projects take. He works with our clients and helps them craft the best possible look & feel for their needs. He works with all of our staff to ensure that the best possible design is presented at all time.

Specializes in: Visual Design, Information Design, Message Crafting and Responsive Frameworks
Calvin Culy
UI/UX Frontend Developer
8+ Years with FDGWeb

WordPress expert and front-end developer, Calvin works with making our finalized wire-frames and designs into reality. He has produced interactive presentations using only JavaScript, HTML and CSS as well as created quizzes, product selectors and games. He attended Emily Carr University where he majored in Animation and Motion Arts.

Specializes in: UI / UX Integration, Complex WordPress feature-sets, jQuery, Interactive Design
Jacob Padgett
Web Developer
8+ Years with FDGWeb

Jacob is a full-stack LAMP developer and a great Network Admin to boot. He develops custom applications and overlays for Drupal or stand alone environments. He helped write frond-end coding standards for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and helped move one of our crowd-funding clients from prototype to series B funding and more than 100 employees.

Specializes in: Drupal Development, APIs, PHP / MySQL,
Tanner Legasse
Web Developer
4+ Years with FDGWeb
Anthony Lamb
Web Developer
3+ Years with FDGWeb
Robyn Granger
10+ Years with FDGWeb
Jonathan Sirrine
Content Developer
1+ Years with FDGWeb