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Magento End of Life Screenshot

Magento to Shopify Migration Options

With Magento 1.9x reaching end of life in June of 2020, many site owners are in an understandable panic. The ability to safely and securely run Magento beyond June is in question.

While Magento has its strengths and weaknesses, you really have to rely on having developers on hand to keep your store running and secure. That costs money.

Many store owners are migrating to Shopify in order to have one fixed cost, simply their lives and focus more on sales and marketing.…

How to import or migrate CS-Cart products into Volusion.

In this article we will cover the quick and east way to import or migrate your CS-Cart products into Volusion eCommerce system.

Importing CS-Cart products into Volusion

First, you will need to export all of your CS Cart products with all of the fields your product requires.

This includes:

  • features
  • options
  • extra images
  • detail and thumbnail image paths

Map those products to Volusion products and import. It is assumed that you have already set up options/attributes and features in your new Volusion catalog so you can map the data in a one-to-one fashion.…

CS-Cart Author and Bookseller Addons

Another case study we’d like to feature is one where we added multiple authors and artists to CS-Cart Product searches and product detail pages.

This allows users to click on any one of the authors or artists and see all products that the author or artist is associated with. This appears at the CSCart product details page as well as the search results and filters.

Case study: CS-Cart: Fantagraphics Books


Functionality and Features:

  • Search and filter by artists and authors
  • Assign multiple authors or artists to a single product (book)
  • Specifications, press, book excerpts and description tabs
  • Discount buying club, memberships w/ access control, digital downloads and more

Case study: CS-Cart: StuartNg Books


CS-Cart upgrade settings for your server.

One of the problems that you may have while upgrading CS-Cart is that the upgrade inexplicably fails during the upgrade process. If you are lucky, you will get a error trace umped to a file or the screen. If not, it may just silently fail in the background or freeze up.

This is certainly no fun. There’s a number of different carts that experience this, so it is not limited to just CS-Cart by any means.

Before you attempt any upgrade of your system, it is best to create a development (beta) area for you to test out the upgrade in first.…

Searchandise creates high CPU in CS-Cart (4.2, 4.3)

What causes high CPU in Searchandise and CS-Cart?

We’ve noticed an issue where Searchandise eats up a large amount of CPU.  In some instances, when you turn on Searchandise from the add-ons it spins the CPU up to a point where it can even crash.

This is heavily dependent on how many products you have in your catalog. It can be barely noticeable on CS Cart catalogs that have a dozen or less products, however, in a cart with 2,500 or more – we have seen significant load.…

CSCart – Gift Certificate and Credit Card Payment Failed Status Issues

We’ve seen this issue crop up a few times with operations in CS-Cart and the cause of it is usually a low-frequency – human-related event.


You have an order that seems to fail its credit card processing, yet a gift certificate was applied to the order. Failed notices have gone out according to your CS-Cart rules for alerts.

Solution: (usually)

Check that someone has not changed your “open” status for orders to “remove credit card info ..” as the default is set to not to do this..…

How to display multi-column subcategories in CS-Cart

Often we want to display multiple categories in CS-cart at a category and sub-category (or, sub-sub-sub-category) level. We’re not sure why CS Cart doesn’t offer this out of the box, but for future reference, you should bookmark this so you now how to implement this in new cs-cart builds

If you have a question about CS-Cart, please feel free to contact us to see if we can help you.

We’ve recently deployed:

  • Coverall Stone / Cascade Stone Works – a CS-Cart build that sells by the Sq.

How to find & replace text in a MySQL Database

a function we use a lot is to quickly find and replace all references to a piece of text, word, whatever .. in  a database table or the database as a whole.

Common usages are:

  • Find and replace a word across all WordPress posts
  • Find and replace an HTML Tag that appears in a line of code in a database
  • Find and replace part of a URL or image reference in a database
  • Find and replace an incorrect spelling in a database table or piece of content

As a baseline, the command is easy:

That’s it.…

How to disable or remove CS Cart Upgrade notification or warning

We often get requests for how you can disable the CS Cart upgrade warnings or notifications that you get in the pop-up modal window inside the admin area of CS-Cart.

Often, clients will have us customize their CS-Cart builds in such as may that making use of any automatic upgrade process will overwrite core functions in their CS Cart build.

Some recent custom CS-Cart develop projects of ours have included:

  • Creating an ApparelMagic to CS-Cart integration bridge as an add-on (or call it Apparel Magic CS-Cart Add-on if you prefer) that syncs inventory in ApparelMagic to CS-Cart’s inventory process.

Seattle Zen Cart Developers – Import scripts for ZenCart & Squirrelcart

Recently we released a free set of scripts to import data into Zen Cart from Squirrelcart as well as a series of scripts for importing customer data. You can view our SquirrelCart Zen Cart import scripts as well as our Zen Cart Customer Import scripts.

If you need help with a project like this, anf we mean any project involving importing data to or between:

  • OSCommerce to Zen Cart Import
  • OSCommerce to CS-Cart Import
  • Zen Cart to Magento Import
  • OSCommerce to Magento Import
  • Zen cart to CS-Cart Import
  • OSCommerce to Shopify Import
  • Zen cart to Shopify Import
  • Yahoo Store to CS-Cart import
  • any other cart -to -cart imports.