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Find out what browser and operating system you are using.

When you are in a position where you have to troubleshoot something for someone, you have to reply on the information they give you in order to bring about a solution.

Not always easy is it?

Less technical users often have a hard time communicating to you critical information that you need in order to help them.

Most of the troubleshooting we do is for website and web applications.

The questions we often need customers to provide us are:

  • What is my operating system?

Sample Web Design & Development Project Work plan & Methodology

Web Design Project Methodology:

The following is an example description of our methodology for developing projects and executing the services we sell to our clients as well as the communication channels used to ensure clear, effective communication at every level.

Phase I:  Project Inception

Creation of Work Plan & Clarification of Project Goals by FDG Web staff.

To understand the business case and needs behind the individual specifications listed, we must return to our clients a work plan. The work plan is not merely a reiteration of the specifications, rather it is the mapping of the proposed solutions and how they will meet the client’s goals for each phase of development.…

System Administrator & SysAdmin Interview Questions – Sample question and answer.

As outsourced CTO’s we often get called on to interview System Administrators on behalf of our clients. The following is a series of questions & potential answers you may find helpful if you are planning to interview someone or in turn be interviewed for such a position.

Keep in mind that many of these questions do not have an exact answer – so to help you we’ve also tried to explain the methodology & rationale behind the types of answers you should be looking for.…

How to import or migrate CS-Cart products into Volusion.

In this article we will cover the quick and east way to import or migrate your CS-Cart products into Volusion eCommerce system.

Importing CS-Cart products into Volusion

First, you will need to export all of your CS Cart products with all of the fields your product requires.

This includes:

  • features
  • options
  • extra images
  • detail and thumbnail image paths

Map those products to Volusion products and import. It is assumed that you have already set up options/attributes and features in your new Volusion catalog so you can map the data in a one-to-one fashion.…

How to update Header in WordPress

To update the Header in WordPress you simply hover over the image you want to change and hit the “x”:

Then, select “Add image” and choose your new image. You can also edit the Title.

Note: Images should be 1800 x 440 or 1800 x 240.…

How to Update Rotator in WordPress

To update the Rotator in WordPress you simply hover over the image you want to change and hit the “x”:

Then, select “Add image” and choose your new image:

Note: images should be 1800 x 650 or 1800 x 480.…