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Data Feed Integration – DSDO, DOBA and Dropship Commerce

Case Study: Shopping Cart Product Feed Integration: CS-Cart

For this case study we are going to talk about how we took multiple product feeds and integrated them into a multi-location shopping cart system online.

Client: Pet Depot

Data Feed Format: e-DSS

Shopping Cart: CS-Cart

Scope of Work: Integrate various vendor product feeds (e.g. Lone Star) based on Pet Depot franchise location. Push/pull inventory and images on a daily basis. Import / Export orders on re-occuring basis. 

The project focused on three pieces for allowing drop shipping integration into CS-Cart:

  • Product Data Import and Updates by individual feed (including product images and deleting old images)
  • Regular Inventory Updates and logic on the shopping cart side to turn on or off products with zero inventory (or display out of stock to keep the urls for SEO)
  • Order Processing, Notifications, Fulfillment and Invoicing.

CAKEPHP Developers Spotlight

As a development firm located just outside of Seattle, we have a large body of experience working with the CAKEPHP MVC framework. If you have never used CAKEPHP it is an open-source, rapid development PHP framework. It provides a solid foundation and structure for frontend developers and programmers to create robust web applications.

While we work with a number of different technologies and frameworks, CAKEPHP is one of the tool sets that we rely on for complex programming applications for mission critical systems.…

Inventory Management Systems for Shopify

What options exist for Inventory Management Systems for Shopify?

One of the things that cost clients a lot of time and money is keeping up to date with all of the various shippers they want to use in their shopping cart or dealing with back office inventory management systems. Some of these are older legacy desktop applications that do not connect easily to their online stores.

In terms of shipping, often these back-end systems are responsible for moving the product through an order process (receiving, fulfillment, shipping, etc) that is specific to the merchant’s business.…

How to use SMTP to send CS-Cart email

This one will be quick – and it is not usually limited to just CS-Cart users. We see this on Joomla! and certain WordPress plugins as well.

The need:

“I want to be able to send email from my cart using SMTP and a full-fledged email account.”

Should be easy right? Not necessarily. The hosting platform you are on needs to be able to send email outbound from the port you are trying to connect to. This would be your SMTP server.…

How to white list an IP address in Mod Security

Often you will have a ruleset in Mod_Security that you want to override for a specific IP address or within a certain path in a website or an application.

To do this you need to locate or create your Mod_Security white list file, then add this line:


is the ID of the rule you want to override.…

How to create an up-sell feature in Shopify

Shopping cart up-sell feature (using Bold Up-sell App):

The shopping cart up-sell features App allows for special offers to be shown to users when they add a particular product or dollar amount into their cart.

IMPORTANT – this is NOT a discount module. It WILL NOT allow you to specify a discount. This is probably because Shopify doesn’t want conflicts to easily occur in discounting.

This means that you CREATE a discounted product first that is hidden ..  and let it “up-sell” the product at a lower price (or not).…

Cannot connect Outlook 2010 to Office 365

Here’s the first thing to look at for a fix for this issue:

Your Office 365 connection may be failing on IPv6

Things are changing quickly with the adoption of IPv6 addressing. At nearly every step along the way between the seat you sit in and where you ultimately need to connect there’s a lot that may or may not be fully compatible with the IPv6 protocol.

e.g. Network adapters, routers, switches, ISPs, servers, etc.

It is possible that trying to connect over the IPv6 network is most likely the reason your Outlook (2007 – current) is having connection problems.…

How to secure Drupal – tips & best practices

Securing Drupal, regardless of the version you are working with, is not that difficult. Security, as a baseline, is always a multi-layered exercise. Many clients do not understand that you have to work on securing everything that makes up your website – from server operating system all the way to the application layer.

This post is not going to go into server architecture or best practices for managing packages, RPMs, or other components – for now we will focus on the application layer.…

PHP Development: Company Projects and Applications

FDG Web builds custom PHP / MySQL applications both large and small. We help our clients develop the architecture, do rapid prototyping and help them get their ideas to market.

We also support and improve existing applications, including migrations, upgrades and helping companies chart the path forward for their critical systems.

The following are projects that we have helped build for our clients using a variety of technologies.

PHP Crowdfunding Application

We helped Realty Mogul with early prototyping during their start-up phase.…

Shopify App Development

FDG Web is an active Shopify Experts program participant. We assist clients with their custom development needs on the Shopify platform.

We current provide services for:

  • Shopify store setup help and assistance
  • Custom Shopify Application development
  • Custom Shopify Theme design & development
  • Shopify integration – including CRM, ERP, web services and fulfillment integration or other APIs

In addition, we also create “pass-through” applications for Shopify. This is where you need custom functionality that is not currently supported by the Shopify App environment.…