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Shopify Supplement Subscription Billing Screenshot

Shopify Subscription & Reoccurring Billing Products

If you have a Shopify product that sells on a monthly or other reoccurring basis we can help you set up a proper auto-ship or subscription payment option. This can either be easy or complex depending on your individual requirements.

Standard Shopify Subscription Products

Easy subscription payments tend to be:

  • Monthly auto-ships with (or without) discounts off the base price.
  • Decrements a single inventory the rest of the store uses.
  • Can have additional time periods that unlock additional discounts. (e.g. Quarterly or Annual Subscriptions at a higher discount to customers.)

Sample Web Design & Development Project Work plan & Methodology

Web Design Project Methodology:

The following is an example description of our methodology for developing projects and executing the services we sell to our clients as well as the communication channels used to ensure clear, effective communication at every level.

Phase I:  Project Inception

Creation of Work Plan & Clarification of Project Goals by FDG Web staff.

To understand the business case and needs behind the individual specifications listed, we must return to our clients a work plan. The work plan is not merely a reiteration of the specifications, rather it is the mapping of the proposed solutions and how they will meet the client’s goals for each phase of development.…

How to use Shopify Product Collections & Tags

Shopify Product Collections & Tags

Product tags allow you to create Collections to organize, sort, and display products. Use the tags to thoroughly describe each product. A Collection then allows you to group products using the tags. To view and edit collections navigate to:

Shopify Dashboard → Products → Collections

Each tag name needs to be a standalone description. Each product normally uses multiple tags. From the Shopify dashboard navigate to ProductsProducts (then select a specific product) → Tags to display and edit the product tags.…

System Administrator & SysAdmin Interview Questions – Sample question and answer.

As outsourced CTO’s we often get called on to interview System Administrators on behalf of our clients. The following is a series of questions & potential answers you may find helpful if you are planning to interview someone or in turn be interviewed for such a position.

Keep in mind that many of these questions do not have an exact answer – so to help you we’ve also tried to explain the methodology & rationale behind the types of answers you should be looking for.…

Seattle WordPress Developers – Case Studies and Projects

As a WordPress Development Agency located just out side of Seattle, we work with a large number of Seattle-based companies and agencies.

A few WordPress Projects have included:

WordPress Custom Plugin Development

National Dialogue Network, Seattle, WA – Opinionnaire® WordPress Plugin

Opinionnaire® Survey analysis and Fast Forum® reports is a plugin that calculates an innovative survey metric known as the “Polarization-Consensus Rating” (PC-Rating™), originally created by Richard J. Spady in the 1970s and now adapted for WordPress by his son John I.…

What is Configuration Management in Software Development?

What is Configuration Management?

Configuration management (CM) is a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product’s performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.

Configuration Management Process – where does it fit?

Configuration management fits within an organizational hierarchy and connects the entire business life cycle, not just Software Development and Delivery.  

 What problems do Configuration Management solutions solve?

  • Problems with standardization. (Check & report on configurations & issues across an enterprise.

11 reasons why your Shopify store is failing and how to fix it.

Over the past 20 years as a Web Development Agency we have built, managed or otherwise supported hundreds of eCommerce websites. These range from small “Mom & Pop” shops to clients featured on Shark Tank doing millions of dollars in sales per month.

This also means we have had a ringside seat to a number of bad ideas, some of which can easily be fixed with minimal effort.

Shopify is a great platform. It is suitable for small businesses and enterprise customers alike.…

Las Vegas Shopify Design & Customization Services

FDG Web serves a number of different clients in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Here is a small sample of some consulting and development projects we have completed.

Shopify Fosdick IntegrationProject Spotlight: Shopify Integration – Bella J., Las Vegas, NV

We assisted this lifestyle beauty / gift brand, prior to their acquisition by Almar, by integrating their Shopify website with their fulfillment center (Fosdick). We used a pass-through domain using the Shopify API to push and retrieve orders from both systems and dynamically fill in details for shipping alerts and other customer touchpoints.…

Data Feed Integration – DSDO, DOBA and Dropship Commerce

Case Study: Shopping Cart Product Feed Integration: CS-Cart

For this case study we are going to talk about how we took multiple product feeds and integrated them into a multi-location shopping cart system online.

Client: Pet Depot

Data Feed Format: e-DSS

Shopping Cart: CS-Cart

Scope of Work: Integrate various vendor product feeds (e.g. Lone Star) based on Pet Depot franchise location. Push/pull inventory and images on a daily basis. Import / Export orders on re-occuring basis. 

The project focused on three pieces for allowing drop shipping integration into CS-Cart:

  • Product Data Import and Updates by individual feed (including product images and deleting old images)
  • Regular Inventory Updates and logic on the shopping cart side to turn on or off products with zero inventory (or display out of stock to keep the urls for SEO)
  • Order Processing, Notifications, Fulfillment and Invoicing.

CAKEPHP Developers Spotlight

As a development firm located just outside of Seattle, we have a large body of experience working with the CAKEPHP MVC framework. If you have never used CAKEPHP it is an open-source, rapid development PHP framework. It provides a solid foundation and structure for frontend developers and programmers to create robust web applications.

While we work with a number of different technologies and frameworks, CAKEPHP is one of the tool sets that we rely on for complex programming applications for mission critical systems.…