How to display multi-column subcategories in CS-Cart

Often we want to display multiple categories in CS-cart at a category and sub-category (or, sub-sub-sub-category) level. We’re not sure why CS Cart doesn’t offer this out of the box, but for future reference, you should bookmark this so you now how to implement this in new cs-cart builds

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We’ve recently deployed:

  • Coverall Stone / Cascade Stone Works – a CS-Cart build that sells by the Sq. ft for tile, pebble tile and hardscapes. It also includes a freight integration for CS-Cart (CSCart freight module add-on) that also offers multiple shipping options depending on what you have in your cart. We literally have it able to calculate up to 20,000 lbs of different materials ranging from stone columns -to- boxes of tile -to- fountains and accessories.
  • Bamboo Flooring by – an Estees & CS-Cart deployment with custom buying options and shipping methods, a SugarCRM to CS-Cart integration as a chat system.

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