Custom Zen Cart Build – Each Catagory has its own Specials & Featured Module.

We’ve recently completed a new modification to a West-Coast Satellite Radio retailer – that is working really well for them. We’ve added the ability to define the specials and featured products on a per-category basis.

Example #1XM Satellite Radios

For the admin, it really is as easy as assigning special or featured products with a few selection boxes and both the design styling and information shows up within the design template. Your clients do not have to mess with the description box or define_mainpage – it is that easy.

Zen Cart Feature – Displaying Zen-Cart Sub-categories in the Main Menu.

We’ve also built a dynamic menu system that displays all the the categories & sub-categories on the same menu – this is great for providing customers the ability to see all of the types of products you offer rather than force them to search. You can see the Zen Cart Dynamic Menu examples here. This helps your main page get spidered for all top-level keywords (which for an ecommerce site should start with your categories of products that you sell at the very least.

Zen Cart Feature – Multiple Shopping Feeds and “Referral Network” Integration.

Feedburner, Yahoo Shopping, Google Base / Froogle and Bizrate. We set up this Zen Cart build so it would detect the inbound referral and pop the correct survey box based on whether they came from BizRate,, etc. Most of these services give you their code to integrate and it really does nothing except pop the survey after you have successfully checked out. If you are a business as large as this client – and make use of several networks – then you either have to dynamically detect the referral and trigger the appropriate code – or you are stuck with popping all of the various surveys and letting the user fill out whichever one is relevant. Since cares about their user’s experiences – they went with the auto-detect.

Additional Zen-Cart Modules

In addition to the stock build, we also added:

  • Custom Shipping Tables & Rules
  • Google Checkout & PayPal Express (that conforms to the above – just try that… we dare you.)
  • An AJAX Sidebar Manager – to allow the various advertising, banners, buttons and tables they display throughout their site (ala & TigerDirect)
  • A Zen-Cart to QuickBooks Exporter
  • An advanced order manager that allowed batching of functions and printing.
  • An advanced reporting module that allowed for reports to be generated on keywords and stock control.
  • A total Zen Cart SEO overhaul.
  • and Special Holiday Headers for a nice friendly touch!

All in all – a very effective website and relationship. For more information on our custom Zen Cart Developers & Zen Cart Development Services – just visit our website. Whether you need a Seattle Zen Cart Developer
or just want to outsource your problems to us – we are ready to help you. [We do not outsource ourselves, the buck stop here.]

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