How to disable or remove CS Cart Upgrade notification or warning

We often get requests for how you can disable the CS Cart upgrade warnings or notifications that you get in the pop-up modal window inside the admin area of CS-Cart.

Often, clients will have us customize their CS-Cart builds in such as may that making use of any automatic upgrade process will overwrite core functions in their CS Cart build.

Some recent custom CS-Cart develop projects of ours have included:

  • Creating an ApparelMagic to CS-Cart integration bridge as an add-on (or call it Apparel Magic CS-Cart Add-on if you prefer) that syncs inventory in ApparelMagic to CS-Cart’s inventory process.
  • Creating a custom square foot calculator for CS-Cart
  • Creating a California Sales Tax add-on for adhering to the Department of Revenue city-tax rate system.
  • Custom shipping options for CS-Cart LTL Freight and Fed Ex ground (so it picks which is better for a particular order)
  • A custom framing application for CS-Cart that allows users to select images and checkout with framing options.
  • CS-Cart and online eLearning integration, where you can see online courses through CS-Cart and have it unlock.

So, in the end .. you can see where it would not really be wise to reply on an upgrader included with a cart like CS-Cart to try and upgrade all of your files automatically.

To disable such notices, you browse to:

And comment out this line. Easy. Fast. Effective.

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