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Magento to Shopify Migration Options

With Magento 1.9x reaching end of life in June of 2020, many site owners are in an understandable panic. The ability to safely and securely run Magento beyond June is in question.

While Magento has its strengths and weaknesses, you really have to rely on having developers on hand to keep your store running and secure. That costs money.

Many store owners are migrating to Shopify in order to have one fixed cost, simply their lives and focus more on sales and marketing. Here is how you can do this.

Options to migrate your Magento 1.0 / 1.9 to Shopify:

Step 1: Figure out what you need to keep and what can go.

In a perfect world, we’d love to have every historical record of every transaction available in our shopping cart system. The reality is that as the years go by this will grow and grow until it bloats your online database.

If you have this many customers, you should be using an order management system or even QuickBooks / Sage to download all customer data, orders and related information. Even only shows you orders a few years back and many only do this for 6 months or less.

  1. As you prepare to migrate from Magento to Shopify, determine if you need to import all customers, orders and details.

In many cases you may only want to import customer accounts and leave your old system online for awhile as a historical reference. You can always export all of your order data from Magento as a CSV spreadsheet and hold on to it that way.

If you need everything imported and mapped, we can certainly help you with that.

Step 2. Figure out what features your still will need in the new system.

Magento uses “extensions”. Shopify uses “apps”. They serve a similar purposes and provide additional functionality. One of the challenges with Magento Extensions is that their quality ranges from extremely poor to “good enough”. There are some rare exceptions. The problem is that there are no enforced standards for Magento. This means when you start to add extensions to your Magento shopping cart in order to extend functionality, it is akin to having a house built by 12 different vendors, none of which know what the other is doing and expecting the house to work the way it should.

Shopify has a standard that all app developers must follow and all apps are reviewed and approved based on these standards. This produces a higher quality selection of apps and increases the stability of your system.

If you have had any experience with Magento you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

Shopify App Store Screenshot

You can browse the Shopify App store to replace Magento functionality.

Step 3. Figure out whether you want to migrate your existing design to Shopify or start over with a new template or design.

Shopify has a lot of different options for design. Our team has made it look like anything, and I mean anything you can imagine. If you have an existing style and style you like, we can use that as the basis for integration into a new theme. Another alternative is to take a new theme you like, then make the version of it that incorporates your look and feel – essentially making a hybrid that bridges old and new.

Moving an existing Magento theme to Shopify

Shopify theme screenshot

You can browse Shopify themes to replace your Magento theme.

You can use the Shopify theme store to browse available themes and find one you like or is already close to the Magento theme you want to migrate. While you cannot just copy over theme files from Magento to Shopify, a good designer or developer can merge in your existing styles to any of the provided or commercial themes available. Be forewarned, it is not a simple cut and paste and involves a moderate amount of work but will save you some time versus starting over from scratch.

The above is the high-level overview on what needs to be done to migrate your website from Magento to Shopify. There are always more granular details and we excel in helping our clients figure out those details and the best path forward.

If you would like assistance with your Magento project in any form, please contact us today.

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