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OSCommerce Point of Sale System

  • Also know as – OSC POS, OSCommerce POS, POS Plugin for OSC
  • POS System for OSCommerce
  • Point of sale for OSCommerce

Figure 1 – posshot1.png – Creating POS Orders in OSCommerce.

This screenshot demonstrates the standard three-part sales order view. The very top bar indicates where in the system you currently are. You are logged in as a sales-rep – “Dan” and you are processing a new sale. Next will come the individual line items.

Basic product lines in this OSC Point of Sale (POS) example, including kilt types and belt types, are specified in the first dropdown.…

Virtuemart Destination Based Sales Tax for Joomla

We’ve just completed another Virtuemart Destination-based sale tax module for Joomla.

When considering Destination-based Sale Tax calculations for Virtuemart you need to deal with:

  1. Solve the problem with getting your customers to give you their zip + 4 information during the registration or checkout process. Since most people, including myself, do not readily know our zip + 4 information – you need to have a method for suggesting to the customer what it might be. You see this on high-end systems such as

Zen Cart POS System

The Zen Cart & OSCommerce AJAX POS System  is getting close to having a release ready. For more information on the OSCommerce POS or the Zen Cart POSclick here.

It works as an add-on module that hooks your OSC or Zen Database and still allows you to control attributes and information from inside OSC and Zen cart respectively.   The fact that it is AJAX means you can do speedy real time lookups of customer information and orders. We have several brick and mortor stores who do millions in sales using the BETA of our system.…

Destination Based Sales Tax – Zen Cart & OSCommerce

After a very long development cycle, we now have custom modules for Zen-cart and Oscommerce that can calculate destination-based sales tax. Using a combination of address verification and data made available by your State you can become compliant in no time flat.

The modules calculate based on Zip +4 to break down the sales tax by zip code and the 4 digit code as well. If you tax rates change quarterly like our state, you can upload and parse the CSV file they make available to you in order to update the rates in bulk.…

Custom Zen Cart Build – Each Catagory has its own Specials & Featured Module.

We’ve recently completed a new modification to a West-Coast Satellite Radio retailer – that is working really well for them. We’ve added the ability to define the specials and featured products on a per-category basis.

Example #1XM Satellite Radios

For the admin, it really is as easy as assigning special or featured products with a few selection boxes and both the design styling and information shows up within the design template. Your clients do not have to mess with the description box or define_mainpage – it is that easy.…

Zencart Google Checkout and freeoptions shipping module issue and solution

My client is using the new Google Checkout Module with Carrier Calculated Shipping, et al. (v1.4.5)

You can see the Google Checkout module for ZenCart here.

His freeoptions shipping module allows free shipping for orders greater than $50.00.
This is what his freeoptions shipping method options are:
Shipping Cost: 0.00
Handling Fee: 0
Total = 50.00
Total < = Weight >=
Weight < = Item Count >=
Item Count < = When you navigate to google checkout as a customer, it would not follow the pricing rules-- it would allow free shipping for any order regardless of price. Here’s the Zen Cart Google Checkout Solution:

In the googlecheckout/gcheckout.php file, find these two lines: (line numbers 533 & 534)

$price = $quote[‘methods’][0][‘cost’];
$shipping_price = $currencies-get_value(DEFAULT_CURRENCY) * ($price=0?$price:0);…