How to import or migrate CS-Cart products into Volusion.

In this article we will cover the quick and east way to import or migrate your CS-Cart products into Volusion eCommerce system.

Importing CS-Cart products into Volusion

First, you will need to export all of your CS Cart products with all of the fields your product requires.

This includes:

  • features
  • options
  • extra images
  • detail and thumbnail image paths

Map those products to Volusion products and import. It is assumed that you have already set up options/attributes and features in your new Volusion catalog so you can map the data in a one-to-one fashion.

Since every catalog is custom to a client’s particular need, there is no one-size-fits-all instruction for this step.

To make this easier, you really just create a new catalog and a few sample products in Volusion.

Next, you export your current catalog, with all features, options and attributes from CS-Cart.

Next, you export out your sample products and structure form Volusion.

Now you should have two CSV files. You just need to pull your data from the CS-Cart spreadsheet (csv) and copy it into the correct fields within your new data structure – the Volusion CSV.

Import Products

  • Be sure the import file has unique product IDs
  • Smart double quotes should be replaced with with “” or " prior to import
  • Some whitespace characters also cause errant character in the import

Finally, you attempt the import. Notes any failures or error messages you get.  Often you have to adjust your formatting a few different times to get it right.

Importing images from CS-Cart to Volusion.

Uploading your Images.

  • Find the location of images in CS Cart
    • Export all of the CS Cart products (all fields in the products)
    • The “Image URL” field in the export data contains the fully pathed image filenames
    • Use a file transfer program to copy the directory of image files from the CS Cart server to a temporary directory on your local computer
  • Upload product images to Volusion
    • Use Thumbnail Generator to create thumbnail versions of the images
    • Use FTP and upload the images to vspfiles/photos

These are the steps you take for a product and image migration from CS-Cart to Volusion. It is not always easy and often requires a lot of finesse with your data, especially as it pertains to product attributes and options.

Feel free to reach out to us for consulting help with your import/export needs. We work with most modern shopping carts.

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