Seattle Zen Cart Developers

FDG Web, Inc does a lot of custom zen cart development both in the Seattle area or nation-wide. We’ve deployed basic, stock Zen Cart shopping carts – all the way up to 100% custom Zen Cart deployments using custom applications hooked into the Zen Cart open source framework.

Here are a few recent examples:

  • Invite Designer – Online Wedding Invitation Designer:  We created an AJAX-based “do-it-yourself” invitation designer application that allows their customers to choose invitation bases and customize the entire product in real-time. Customers can change fonts, colors backing, envelopments, sizes – essentially moving throughout the entire wedding invitation experience from save-the-date cards to the final envelope. The system allows customers to create and save custom invitations and it saves them to Zen Cart for checkout. The admin, can then reload the entire invitation into the editor to spot check all ofthe details, a very important feature when dealing with so personal a product.

    You can see a live example of the Online Wedding Invitation Builder here.

  • Boojeebeads – sells beaded lanyards in all shapes and sizes.We gutted Zen Cart’s checkout process to conform to a more modern, streamlined process with less steps. Basically it combines buy without an account with a navigationless checkout experience that reduces the cart adandonment rate.
  • Discount MexicoTours – This Zen Cart deployment created a custom tour management and reservation system on top of the Zen cart shopping cart. Discounted Tours get entered into the admin, which essentially are coupled with time-share presentations that a user purchases (the tour) and gets it at a discount (with a voucher that gets automatically printed during checkout) and it gets scheduled.

    Additionally we develop custom modules for Zen Cart as well. we’ve done custom Zen Cart Payment Gateways. Zen Cart USAePay Integration, Zen Cart Destination-based Sales Tax, Zen Cart Google XML Sitemaps and other Zen Cart SEO techniques.

    About FDG Web: FDG Web, Inc are 100% local Seattle Zen Cart Developers. We do not outsource in any way and pretty much the same people answer the phone and get to kow your projects year after year. Give us a contact here to see how we can help.

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