Seattle Facebook Developers

FDG Web are Seattle Facebook Developers. We do develop simple and complex applications for Facebook and other Social Networking Platforms. We’re not an application publisher ourselves; it’s just not what we do. We build applications for our clients who then in turn publish and market the applications that go on to greater glory and profit.

Yes, I know … we should probably develop one for ourselves .. but then you have to market, support, sell and monitize these things and we’d have to stop being the complexly awesome service-based company that we are.

And, it is really hard to give up such a title.

All awesomeness and non-disclosure agreements aside – we’re working on three applications right now and have consulted, built in part or in whole entire applications that have in fact been mentioned in Forbes & Newsweek.

Awesome? I dare say so.

We work primarily with PHP / MYSQL, which is our prefered trechnology when we get to choose. API’s, platform calls .. we do it all. Contact us here for more information.

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