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Custom Molds & Tooling for Aerospace, Marine and Transportation Industries

Today we are working with Janicki Industries – a leading supplier for custom molds, composite tooling, 5-axis milled patterns and other composites for marine, transportation, aerospace and alternative energy. Janicki industries produces aerospace molds, marine molds and transportation molds for a wide variety of industrial clients.

Janicki Industries specializes in producing large precision-milled patterns, molds, plugs and tooling for aerospace, marine and transportation applications. The company is known for supplying one-of-a-kind manufacturing tools for superyachts and fuselages, machines tools from a wide range of materials including foam, fiberglass, carbon fiber, steel, Invar, and Inconel for companies throughout the world.…

I am the Number One in Google.

Basically that is what this post is all about. I am the number one in Google for this very term. It is not all that difficult to understand. You take some text that is unique, like this entry and you write about it. The exact phrase.

Number One In Google

I am you know. It does take work to get there, but I am proud to say I made it. all the way to #1. Now, I’m not sure exactly of what benefit this is to me, or anyone else of consequence – however it is #1.…

Seattle Zen Cart Developers

FDG Web, Inc does a lot of custom zen cart development both in the Seattle area or nation-wide. We’ve deployed basic, stock Zen Cart shopping carts – all the way up to 100% custom Zen Cart deployments using custom applications hooked into the Zen Cart open source framework.

Here are a few recent examples:

  • Invite Designer – Online Wedding Invitation Designer:  We created an AJAX-based “do-it-yourself” invitation designer application that allows their customers to choose invitation bases and customize the entire product in real-time.

Seattle Facebook Developers

FDG Web are Seattle Facebook Developers. We do develop simple and complex applications for Facebook and other Social Networking Platforms. We’re not an application publisher ourselves; it’s just not what we do. We build applications for our clients who then in turn publish and market the applications that go on to greater glory and profit.

Yes, I know … we should probably develop one for ourselves .. but then you have to market, support, sell and monitize these things and we’d have to stop being the complexly awesome service-based company that we are.…

Destination-based Sales Tax – An update to Zen-Cart and Virtuemart builds.

Everyone should be well into their Q1 tax changes for destination-based sales tax.

Here in the great State of WA – the total number of records for Zip +4 to help you calculate your destination based sales tax has grown from around 50,000 such records to a whopping 104,000+ individual fields for the various tax zones. If you are not familiar with this requirement, as of July 2008 – WA State is now requiring any business who ships products within the State of Washington to collect sales tax based on the destination that the goods are being shipped to.…

Seattle Skincare Services – Botox in Seattle

Madison Skincare and Laser Center provides skin health services, laser rejuvenation and dermatology services. They offer diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and skin cancers as well as Seattle skin cancer surgery. They offer state of the art cosmetic services, including a full range of laser services, the Thermage non-surgical skin tightening, peels, Botox, Restylane, the new Aramis laser for acne treatment and prevention and Seattle aesthetician services.

Their cosmetic dermatology sessions provide cosmetic procedures to patients in a caring and professional environment.…

Seattle Joomla Development

We’ve been doing a large number of custom Joomla development projects this year. Most of which seem to have a custom component that “normal” developers just do not know how to develop for them. In our Company, since we use all local, on-staff developers and designers – we have multiple people to work on our clients needs. There is rarely something our staff cannot solve when working together as a team. Here are a few recent project and how we worked with Joomla to bring about their solutions.…

Zen Cart & Oscommerce calculate sales tax by destination module.

After a very long development cycle, we now have custom modules for Zen-cart and Oscommerce that can calculate destination-based sales tax. Using a combination of address verification and data made available by your State you can become compliant in no time flat.

The modules calculate based on Zip +4 to break down the sales tax by zip code and the 4 digit code as well. If you tax rates change quarterly like our state, you can upload and parse the CSV file they make available to you in order to update the rates in bulk.…

Plyboo Bamboo Flooring & Bamboo Floors – Client Project

Plyboo is in the business of Bamboo Flooring & Bamboo Floors, along with Bamboo Plywood and sustainable green flooring and other “Green Building” materials. We were called in to aide in correcting certain Joomla navigation and site structure requirements. We also added SugarCRM and worked on some lead generation & sample request forms that piped data directly into SugarCRM to integrate their website workflow and process with their back office systems. Our Everett, WA Office is currently covered in SugarCRM manuals and print outs.…

Government Grant Proposal Templates

After several years worth of work and hundreds of hours spent with a consultant who does nothing but write Government Grants and Grant Proposals – The Government Proposal Pack of Templates is available for purchase.

Increase your odds of winning a Government Grant or Proposal using a proposal structures based on actual winning proposal writing “Best Practices” and formats.

  • 50 sample proposals – over 770 pages of government proposal template material included. ($300.00 value.)
  • Proposals range from a 1 page government proposal quotes to 10 to 15 page average RFP answers to complete 270+ page proposals.