CAKEPHP Developers Spotlight

As a development firm located just outside of Seattle, we have a large body of experience working with the CAKEPHP MVC framework. If you have never used CAKEPHP it is an open-source, rapid development PHP framework. It provides a solid foundation and structure for frontend developers and programmers to create robust web applications.

While we work with a number of different technologies and frameworks, CAKEPHP is one of the tool sets that we rely on for complex programming applications for mission critical systems.

Here are a few recent case studies and projects where we used CAKEPHP to build out solutions for our clients.

Project: Delta Dental – Estimate My Dental Score (EMDS)

CAKE PHP Dental Scoring App

EMDS is a website that allows the public to answer some questions about their health and it provides a score that assesses their oral health risks. The goal is to take these reports to your dentist so they can verify the results, provide a more in-depth treatment plan and risk management.

We built this system using CAKEPHP and it includes the ability to generate sub-sites and affiliates who can link to their own branded profile (e.g. member companies).

Features include:

  • site & custom url generator
  • a content library
  • secure data retrieval from HIPAA compliant systems
  • custom report templates and print formatting
  • role-control and role-based administration
  • advanced email features and analytics
  • API integration for Delta Dental Dentist lookup according to Zip + Address

Project: DDPYoga  – As featured on Shark Tank – Shopify custom installment payment system.

DDP Yoga CAKEPHP Installment Payment system hired our team to build out a custom installment payment system that would allow their customers to purchase a product with three easy installment payments.

The system uses CAKEPHP and it includes reoccurring billing systems via for managing payment “born-on” dates and expiration.  The system we built knows which product have this option and sorts the payments correctly within while pushing the order information back into Shopify according to their terms and conditions.

Features include:

  • bypass checkout system if certain products are present in their cart
  • installment payments that authorize the first payment and then set reoccurring billing for the final installments at 30 days
  • mobile app integration so it unlocks a yearly membership add-on
  • discount codes and special offer management

Project: Glosten Fleet Inventory and Maintenance Management Application

Glosten CAKE PHP Application

We built a fleet condition survey application that looks at different maritime fleet data and helps report on the maintenance requirements and condition of the fleet.

The system uses CAKEPHP and it includes file upload and document management across the entire fleet database.

Features include:

  • ability to inspect ship data and work orders
  • ability to add work orders, documents and images
  • search or filter data by nearly every aspect of data
  • generate robust reports or export to Excel w/ filters
  • group by work packages and manipulate groups of items simultaneously (multi-select)

Project: Delta Dental – Practice Management Console for (MyAccount)

Previser Dental Administration Gateway Home

MyAccount is a Web Application that allows individual dental offices to configure their MyDentalScore tool and enter in practice information, manage access and creates links to their secure Oral Health Information System.

The system uses CAKEPHP and it includes reoccurring billing systems for managing practice payments.

Features include:

  • reoccurring billing based on per-use or monthly subscriptions
  • help systems and prompts
  • enterprise, practice and user control systems
  • content management and landing pages
  • advanced email features and analytics

Additional projects we have completed, but are unable to show include:

  • Homeland Security Training Applications (Stress-based testing, CBTs, Simulators)
  • Healthcare Messaging Center Application – Patient communication email & marketing system that uses a secure escrow for delivery
  • Online Training and Continuing Education certification Application
  • CAKEPHP Healthplan picker for a major insurer that could serve different forms and options based on inbound referrer.
  • Inbound direct marketing tracking system for an International Agency built solely in CAKE

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