CS Cart Developers – Example Projects

We’ve had extensive experience with CS-Cart / CS Cart development since 2008. Since then we have built or deployed numerous applications using it as a solid core for development. Our CS Cart Developers can assist you with any phase of your project, from concept and proper scoping all the way to deployment and support.

Some of our recent CS Cart projects have included:

  • A custom CS Cart flooring (shop by sq. foot or sq. meters)
  • Custom product rounding in CS Cart, where a product needs to round up to the nearest box size. E.g. a customer enters in individual units, it compares it to a full box and adds the nearest full-box to order instead of individual units.
  • Selling online training and courses via CS Cart and then unlocking / sending license keys for individual courses in a LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Auto-ship and re-occuring billing systems for CS Cart.
  • Buy one / Get one free add-ons (BOGO) for unlocking specials and incentives within the cart system.
  • BONGO integration for international shipping.
  • Virtuemart, OSCOmmerce and Zen Cart to CS Cart conversions
  • CS-Cart product bundles, product configurations, build your own systems and more.
  • Purchasing membership and subscriptions – unlocking and created WordPress user accounts and roles after purchasing within the cart.
  • Allowing CS Car to connect to SugarCRM, vTiger and Salesforce.

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