Seattle WordPress Developers – Case Studies and Projects

As a WordPress Development Agency located just out side of Seattle, we work with a large number of Seattle-based companies and agencies.

A few WordPress Projects have included:

WordPress Custom Plugin Development

National Dialogue Network, Seattle, WA – Opinionnaire® WordPress Plugin

Opinionnaire® Survey analysis and Fast Forum® reports is a plugin that calculates an innovative survey metric known as the “Polarization-Consensus Rating” (PC-Rating™), originally created by Richard J. Spady in the 1970s and now adapted for WordPress by his son John I. Spady.

A tool that imports specialized Opinionnaire®-styled surveys from to produce a proprietary Fast Forum® report showing Polarization-Consensus Rating (PC-Rating™ cross tabs and graphics and a visualization of the overall Participatory Resistance™ to your survey questions.

Opinionnaire® Survey Screens

Proposal Tap – WordPress Proposal Maker Plugin

Easily Create, Manage & Send detailed proposals in minutes.

Features included:


Reuse blocks of content, galleries, and more to speed up the creation of proposals. Reusable blocks can be globally updated, duplicated, or locally modified within a specific proposal.


Beyond content & image blocks – custom blocks allow you to better organize, summarize, and structure your proposals so they best communicate your requirements.


Reusable blocks are categorized to make finding and inserting them into your proposals a breeze. Add as few or as many categories as you need for your business model. Blocks can easily be reorganized in categories and within your proposals.


Share your proposals as PDFs that can be printed or generate a web url so they can be shared and viewed online.

FDG WEB also builds out complete applications in WordPress and integrates them into your existing website or can build you a new website. If you would like to talk to a Sales Engineer about your projects, contact us using the form below.




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