Project Spotlight – Bamboo Flooring

Recently we built a jQuery-based Sample Request form for a client’s Bamboo Flooring, Bamboo Plywood and Bamboo Panels¬†– with the goal of making a visually appealing way for prospects to find and request samples.

You can see a copy of the sample request page here.

Customers can also request a binder. Here’s a picture of it below.


The end result was that qualified requests for samples went up, and quickly. Giving users the ability to request everything from one page, as well as giving them a nice, neat visual medium is far better of a user experience than presenting them with a long form for them to fill out.

Leads are still qualified, and we added in a 4 sample limit so customers cannot request everything that the client could possibly offer.

Our goal is to merely try and codify a sales process that you may already have in place, but have not translated that to the web. In this case, a typical customer would look at samples directly in a book and make their selections. We helped p[reserve that experience and move it to the web.

The end result was very positive. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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