How to read PC CD-ROM Discs on Macintosh.

Running a PC disc on a Macintosh System is relatively easy to accomplish.

The Mac OS has the ability to mount DOS and Windows CD-ROM’s on the Finder’s Desktop. This is made possible by the Foreign File Access and ISSO 9660 File Access extension files in the System folder. Turning these extensions off in the Extensions Manager control panel disables the Mac’s ability to read PC CD-ROM’s.

Reading Windows CD-ROM doesn’t necessarily mean you can open the files on the disc, play PC games, or use Windows software. The ability to use mount Windows CD-ROM’s is useful only if your Mac applications can read the particular Windows files in question or you can convert the files to Mac format with MacLinkPlus, QuickTime, or other translation software.

That being said, if you experience problems simply browse directly to the files you want to work with and bypass any autorun or non-executable file in the Mac environment or even any HTML-based navigation that is provided as an extra means of navigation.

For opening the Flash Files, open up the correct resource/data fork in your Macintosh copy of Flash. Pick the wrong one and it just errors on you … look for .fla.. it is a dead giveaway.

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