Wave Broadband – Kirkland, WA

Wave Broadband – Kirkland, WA

Wordpress, Design, Custom Programming, Systems Integration
Full Design Process

From wireframes to full mockup designs, we worked with a team at Wave to bring a consistent, unified look and functionality to each of their business sites. Part of the design elements included custom illustrations and animations.

GPS-enabled Mapping and Building Locator

Wave needed a utility to serve apartment tenants and owners to help find the services that are offered in that area, in that building.

We created a location map for over 500 apartment buildings that dynamically updates displayed apartment details as users interact with the map, zooming in and dragging around the screen. It was specifically optimized for load speed and color treated to match the overall site design. Users can sign up for services directly from the map.

Custom Illustrations

Wave had a wide variety of concepts to illustrate, and a goal to provide a consistent user experience throughout their sites.

To accomplish this, we designed custom illustrations to make those concepts easier to understand and draw attention to important elements on each page.