Continuity Centers

Continuity Centers


Based out of New York, Continuity Centers contacted us for a redesign of their site. Their focus was to have a clean, responsive site design with an easy to use backend. Continuity Centers focuses on Data Recovery and our goal was display that message boldly on the home page right from the start. We worked with Continuity Centers to focus in on an overall feel and color palette before narrowing in on the details of the design.

Custom Sub Sections

One of the key requests of Continuity Centers was to lead a user down a unique path through the People, Technology, and Business sub sections. We helped Continuity Centers with a simple navigation the all three sub sections, each with distinct sub sections and the ability to navigate between the categories.

Scaleable Across Platforms

All of our client sites are built with full scaleability in mind. From high resolution desktop monitors, to mobile phones and everything in between. The new Continuity Centers website loads and runs quickly on mobile devices.