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Web Development Contract (Client Centered)

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This is a variation of the standard Web Site Development Contract. Edit as needed to create your starting contract for your business. Each client may require modifications to the standard contract which you will need to deal with on a per-project basis.

This version was created by common request from many developers wanting a comprehensive contract, without the clauses their clients found objectionable (typically regarding copyright ownership). The client-centered version gives the client basically rights to everything done (except to your preexisting material). Normally we do not recommend this, as it will prevent the developer from leveraging work created on a project for future use in other projects. It is only included by common request from our users. It is your responsibility to understand the implications of giving up your rights to work created for a client which, by default, would normally be retained by the developer. We recommend that you compare this variation with the standard version above and consult your own attorney if you have questions.

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Web Development Contract (Client Centered)

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