How to use SMTP to send CS-Cart email

This one will be quick – and it is not usually limited to just CS-Cart users. We see this on Joomla! and certain WordPress plugins as well.

The need:

“I want to be able to send email from my cart using SMTP and a full-fledged email account.”

Should be easy right? Not necessarily. The hosting platform you are on needs to be able to send email outbound from the port you are trying to connect to. This would be your SMTP server.

You may also be trying to use a common email server system like Gmail, Outlook365 or SendGrid to send your mail.

How to send SMTP email with CS-Cart:


Login into your admin – navigate to Settings >> Emails – then select SMTP from the drop-down box.

Now, this is the important part – you NEED to specify the port in your SMTP host field.


If you were trying to use Sendgrid as your SMTP mail server you would type:

And you would need to make sure that 587 was open in your Firewall. Now, I know that nearly every firewall “should” have this open by default, however, if you are using one of them “exotic” ports – then you will want to check with your hosting company or server administrator to make sure that port is not closed.

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