Flash Timeline Template

Build your own Timeline for your Website or CD-ROM using Flash & XML. This Timeline Template allows you to add dates, milestones, history – nearly anything you can think of! Edit it all from simple XML/Text files – upload and you are done!
Flash XML Timeline Template is an easy to use, easy to edit Flash-based, XML-powered Timeline template that allows you to add an interactive timeline template (flash) to your website and let you users click on various entries and show text & images for each item on the timeline. You can even add to your own website or website applications! All you have to do is edit a single XML file in a text editor, such as NotePad or TextPad (even Ultra Edit) to power the entire Timline.

You do not even have to own
FLASH! Add events, milestones – and more!

– Add external links to your timeline entries!

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