Database management, the backbone of all data driven websites

The backbone of most PHP-based websites, MySQL is the database management system of choice due to its robustness, scalability, and speed. We work extensively with MySQL and modern variants including MariaDB, and offer a range of options and services, including administration, development, and consulting services.

MySQL Administration

  • Standalone server setup, administration, and maintenance on a wide variety of systems, including Windows, Windows Server, and most *nix systems.
  • Integration with Apache, Nginx, IIS, and other web server environments
  • Cluster management (including Galera)
  • Load distribution and traffic forecasting/management services
  • Backup implementation and management

MySQL Development

  • Schema creation, development and implementation
  • Data Visualization and Retrieval
  • Procedures and Automation services
  • Custom reporting and scripting
  • Application development from existing data structures

MySQL Consulting Services

  • Schema planning - what do you need from your data, and how can we help you get it?
  • Growth and scaled services planning - will what you already have serve you well into the future?
  • Migration services - We migrate data from a wide variety of sources to MySQL, including MSSQL, PgSQL, Access, even CSV.
  • Microsoft Access application to MySQL/PHP conversion services

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Realty Mogul – Los Angeles, CA

A Crowd Funding Application framework that allows accredited investors to sign up and view, watch or invest in fractional ownership of real estate or notes (debt). Featured on the Wall Street Journal and Forbes – we continue to work with Realty Mogul developing features along side their full-time staff for this growing business.

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Wave Broadband – Kirkland, WA

Wave Broadband serves the west coast with high speed communication solutions for the internet, phone, and television for both residential and enterprise customers.

Our team worked with Wave to redesign each of their business websites in order to give them a unified look and functionality. We also integrated addresses lookup systems, a custom cart solution as well as GPS-enabled mapping and building locator systems.