SugarCRM Development

Sugar CRM Development

One of the areas we specialize in is customer SugarCRM development. We work with our clients to map their various workflows to functions within SugarCRM and help streamline the process.

In many cases, we extend SugarCRM functionality to help reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct their day to day CRM business.

Some of the things we do for our clients are:

  • Create multi-document custom proforma quotes, estimates and proposals.
  • Create dynamic drop-downs and menus for assembling estimates based on product and services catalogs
  • Create look-ups for data based on address or resources available near a physical address. (e.g. service information for cable companies; contractor locations for service companies)
  • Build case tracking into every customer touch point – from pre-sales through on-boarding to post-installation or sale.
  • Created custom search and filters for modules to consolidate information and filter out superfluous and irrelevant information for a particular process.
  • Integrated Docusign and Echosign on SugarCRM quotes and proposals for complete digital signature management
  • Integrated lead scoring based upon company lookup via API integration with Hoovers or state-specific Corporations searches.
  • SugarCRM address verification and data integrity checking via
  • SugarCRM destination-based tax lookup using cloud-based systems such as Strike Iron or Avalara.

“FDG Web took what normally was a 30 minute process for our sales reps to create a proposal in Sugar and automated it in a way that now only takes a single minute.”