SugarCRM Dynamic Data and Menus / Dropdowns

SugarCRM has a large amount of functionality out of the box. Often, however, we are hired to expand the platform so it can fit the business needs of organizations that need to dynamically assemble quotes, proposals and bids from a wide variety of product information.

Now, a “product” does not have to just be a physical product that you sell – it can also be services or bundles of services.

Example of dynamic data drop downs in SugarCRM may include:


  • Quote generation – where you select a product and then various options are dynamically populated throughout the quote based on previously selections and inventory availability.

CS-Cart upgrade settings for your server.

One of the problems that you may have while upgrading CS-Cart is that the upgrade inexplicably fails during the upgrade process. If you are lucky, you will get a error trace umped to a file or the screen. If not, it may just silently fail in the background or freeze up.

This is certainly no fun. There’s a number of different carts that experience this, so it is not limited to just CS-Cart by any means.

Before you attempt any upgrade of your system, it is best to create a development (beta) area for you to test out the upgrade in first.…

Searchandise creates high CPU in CS-Cart (4.2, 4.3)

What causes high CPU in Searchandise and CS-Cart?

We’ve noticed an issue where Searchandise eats up a large amount of CPU.  In some instances, when you turn on Searchandise from the add-ons it spins the CPU up to a point where it can even crash.

This is heavily dependent on how many products you have in your catalog. It can be barely noticeable on CS Cart catalogs that have a dozen or less products, however, in a cart with 2,500 or more – we have seen significant load.…

WordPress Genesis Framework Customization

Here at FDG Web we do a lot of work within the Genesis framework for WordPress. This includes: Genesis customization, Genesis programming and theme Development.

What actually is the Genesis Framework?

The Genesis framework is an advanced “wrap-around” add-on framework you can install for WordPress. This gives you a more robust “Enterprise” approach to your development. Some designers find this difficult to work with because you have to really plan out the architecture of your project. Some designers rely heavily on WordPress doing a lot of these things for you out of the box.…

How to export all databases in MYSQL via SSH command line dump

The following is a script you can use to dump all of your databases that the user, in this case “backup” has access to. You can save this as a script file and then run it using a CRON job in your control panel.

Note – this command is not doing cleanup of the archives it creates so you will want to rotate the backups or other use it for specific purposes – such as offsite backups where another script performs cleanup.…

How to find large files via SSH on a server.

There are times when you need to figure out what is filling up disk space on a server or other device (block storage, CDN, external storage, etc) and quickly!

Things like:

  • runaway logging
  • backups & backup of backups
  • large archives
  • dev or beta areas for testing and development work
  • clients or customers who suddenly upload a lot of files

The command you want to run in order to output where large files exist is:

find / -type f -size +1048576k -exec ls -lh {} \; 2> /dev/null | awk ‘{ print $NF “: ” $5 }’  | sort -nrk 2,2

The above would look for files greater than 1 gigabyte in size and then output the path to those files so you could further examine them.…

How to rsync files from one server or directory to another

Moving files can be a tedious job for some projects and there are many different ways to move files.

  • You can take the easy way – FTP or sFTP (secure FTP) the files down to your local computer, then upload them to the new location.
  • You can create an archive of the files you want to move on the source server, then SSH into your target server and do a wget command.

    e.g. wget[filename]. Then you would un-pack those files into the destination directory or put them in a working directory and move them from there.

CSCart – Gift Certificate and Credit Card Payment Failed Status Issues

We’ve seen this issue crop up a few times with operations in CS-Cart and the cause of it is usually a low-frequency – human-related event.


You have an order that seems to fail its credit card processing, yet a gift certificate was applied to the order. Failed notices have gone out according to your CS-Cart rules for alerts.

Solution: (usually)

Check that someone has not changed your “open” status for orders to “remove credit card info ..” as the default is set to not to do this..…

How to CHMOD all files to 644 and all Directories to 755 via SSH

Often we find ourselves needing to bulk change all file permissions or all directory permission for an entire site or directory.

To do this with your individual ftp client is time consuming and some of the ftp software clients try to recursively change everything to the same file permission, including directories. Yes, I am talking to you WinSCP.

To separate these out you just need to log into your server or hosting account via SSH, navigate to the directory you want to start the change in and type:

find .

How to disable wp-cron and Reduce WordPress CPU Load

One of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your WordPress server load is to disable the built-in, nobody asked for function for wp-cron.

What is it & why do I care?

WP-Cron can be thought of as a housekeeping function that other functions can call, such as plugins or scripts to do different tasks on a scheduled basis.

e.g. Database back ups, sending scheduled emails, update checks, publishing or un-publishing scheduled posts and so on.

So what’s the big deal?