CS-Cart Author and Bookseller Addons

Another case study we’d like to feature is one where we added multiple authors and artists to CS-Cart Product searches and product detail pages.

This allows users to click on any one of the authors or artists and see all products that the author or artist is associated with. This appears at the CSCart product details page as well as the search results and filters.

Case study: CS-Cart: Fantagraphics Books

Website: https://www.fantagraphics.com

Functionality and Features:

  • Search and filter by artists and authors
  • Assign multiple authors or artists to a single product (book)
  • Specifications, press, book excerpts and description tabs
  • Discount buying club, memberships w/ access control, digital downloads and more

Case study: CS-Cart: StuartNg Books

Website: https://www.stuartngbooks.com

Functionality and Features:

  • Search and filter by artists and authors
  • Assign multiple authors or artists to a single product (book)

Need help with a custom feature or function?…

WordPress Find a Doctor or Provider Plugin

One of the projects we would like to highlight is a recent “Find a Provider” plugin we created for WordPress that allows visitors to search a map and return results for Heathcare Providers within the area of their search.

Case study: Find a Pelvic Rehab Practitioner

Website: https://pelvicrehab.com/

Functionality and Features:

  • Search providers by city, state or zip
  • Search by browse-able map
  • Search by name
  • Claim a listing
  • Buy enhanced and featured listings with reoccurring billing

Case study: Estimate my Dental Score – Find a Dentist Search

Website: https://emds.previser.com

Functionality and Features:

  • Search dentists by city, state or zip
  • Returns dentists with icons indicating certain qualifications and specialties
  • Integrated into Delta Dental API

Data Feed Integration – DSDO, DOBA and Dropship Commerce

Case Study: Shopping Cart Product Feed Integration: CS-Cart

For this case study we are going to talk about how we took multiple product feeds and integrated them into a multi-location shopping cart system online.

Client: Pet Depot

Data Feed Format: e-DSS

Shopping Cart: CS-Cart

Scope of Work: Integrate various vendor product feeds (e.g. Lone Star) based on Pet Depot franchise location. Push/pull inventory and images on a daily basis. Import / Export orders on re-occuring basis. 

The project focused on three pieces for allowing drop shipping integration into CS-Cart:

  • Product Data Import and Updates by individual feed (including product images and deleting old images)
  • Regular Inventory Updates and logic on the shopping cart side to turn on or off products with zero inventory (or display out of stock to keep the urls for SEO)
  • Order Processing, Notifications, Fulfillment and Invoicing.

Shopify API Web Development Services

Today we are featuring a number of Custom Shopify API development projects we’ve completed recently. In the past we have development solutions for clients that push and pull data using the Shopify API.

Shopify Installment Payment System

DDP Yoga engaged us to build out a custom payment method in Shopify that allowed certain products to be purchased on an installment plan. This system would be triggered when certain products were placed in the cart and take them to an alternate “bypass checkout” that pushed installment payments spread out over three months into Authorize.net.…


Case Study: DDP Yoga (as featured on Shark Tank)

Tech Profile: Shopify + custom PHP / CAKE for installment and re-occurring billing.

We were brought in to create a payment installment system that allowed orders to be place, fulfilled and subsequently billed for a limited number of re-occurring payments.

We worked with Shopify Plus and Authorize.net as a solution combination for making this feature a reality. We created a pass-through checkout system where if an order contained certain product IDs, it would present them a new checkout that communicated with Authorize.net and set a fractional installment payment immediately (e.g.…

CAKEPHP Developers Spotlight

As a development firm located just outside of Seattle, we have a large body of experience working with the CAKEPHP MVC framework. If you have never used CAKEPHP it is an open-source, rapid development PHP framework. It provides a solid foundation and structure for frontend developers and programmers to create robust web applications.

While we work with a number of different technologies and frameworks, CAKEPHP is one of the tool sets that we rely on for complex programming applications for mission critical systems.…

Inventory Management Systems for Shopify

What options exist for Inventory Management Systems for Shopify?

One of the things that cost clients a lot of time and money is keeping up to date with all of the various shippers they want to use in their shopping cart or dealing with back office inventory management systems. Some of these are older legacy desktop applications that do not connect easily to their online stores.

In terms of shipping, often these back-end systems are responsible for moving the product through an order process (receiving, fulfillment, shipping, etc) that is specific to the merchant’s business.…

How to fix CVE-2016-6662 on cPanel / WHM

CVE-2016-6662 – Remote Root Code Execution / Privilege Escalation (0day exploit)

A new 0-day exploit has been announced for MySQL that can result in remote code execution or privilege escalation.

Apparently, this exploit was announced to Oracle, the owners of MySQL more than 40 days ago and a fix has not yet been released.

You can read about it in greater detail from these sources:

This affects the following MySQL and MySQL “clones”: (excerpted from “LegalHackers.com”)

This exploit / bug works because if the malloc-lib configuration variable is set, the wrapper script mysqld_safe (which runs as root) will preload a user designated shared library before starting the server.…

How to use SMTP to send CS-Cart email

This one will be quick – and it is not usually limited to just CS-Cart users. We see this on Joomla! and certain WordPress plugins as well.

The need:

“I want to be able to send email from my cart using SMTP and a full-fledged email account.”

Should be easy right? Not necessarily. The hosting platform you are on needs to be able to send email outbound from the port you are trying to connect to. This would be your SMTP server.…