Seattle Drupal Developers – Some of our Example Projects

At FDG Web, we have been working with Drupal for over 10 years and have built websites and applications in Drupal ranging from simple content-based websites to custom web-applications and crowd sourcing platforms to Drupal sites running on multiple servers / clusters with Drupal loadbalancers with Varnish Cache running with additional auto-scale MYSQL instances.

A few of our projects include:

Realty Mogul: Real Estate Crowd Sourcing Application Framework.

Realty Mogul - Drupal Web Development

We helped Realty Mogul go from their early prototype all the way to market and securing more than 9 million dollars of funding for their company. The framework is built on Drupal core and we developed a custom dashboard, reporting and investment management tools – including Drupal integration into Docusign and Vericheck for ACH transactions. – Bamboo Flooring & Bamboo Plywood for Architectural and Residential Applications

Smith & Fong Plyboo selected FDG Web to do their redesign & CMS rebuild using Drupal. We spent time mapping their back office processes to Drupal to create an admin workflow that was easy and streamlined to use for staff. We build an ecommerce storefront for their retail customers (residential, point-of-purchase) and created a custom sample request and product selector for their architectural and designer audiences. The end result is an interactive web presence that shows well and allows Drupal to connects to their SugarCRM system and back-end inventory management programs.

Family Care Network – Drupal Development and Drupal Support

Family Care Network Drupal

Family Care Network is a network of clinics in the Pacific Northwest. We currently maintain and extend their Drupal framework, provide day to day support for Drupal and build out new functionality as needed in a way that does not impact the current production website. We built a more dynamic Drupal “Service Selector” that allows prospective patients to select by service in order to find a location. This also helped reduce the number of calls fielded by Family Care Network locations asking “Do you offer….”

If you have a Drupal project you would like us to take a look at – please contact us here – we’d love to talk to you!

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