Seattle CSCart Developers

CS Cart Developers - located in the Seattle, WA area.

FDG Web, Inc specializes in custom CScart design and development for ecommerce websites.

We’ve done a number of custom applications and systems integration using CS Cart as the shopping cart component.

Recent examples include:

  • A custom CS Cart deployment that sells licenses and license keys for a custom elearning system (that we also built) for the Construction Industry Training Council of America. The shopping cart also auto-creates a LMS user (Learning Management System) so customers have essential a single-sign on for both systems.
  • A custom CS Cart deployment that sells flooring and flooring accessories for Plyboo Direct – using a square foot calculator for the shopping cart so a user can enter in sq ft., while the system rounds it to the box size so it only drops full-boxes of flooring and accessories into the cart. We also hooked CScart to be able to provide integration between SugarCRM and the custom contact, quote and checkout forms. CS Cart to SugarCRM plugins are just one of the many things we can provide help with for your ecommerce needs.
  • Custom CS Cart & StoneEdge integration for  – including iGuiders & BONGO integration.
  • Custom CS Cart destination-based sales tax and California sales tax for multiple clients in Washington and California.
  • Several wholesale-only cart with special wholesaler/retailer lounges and resource areas – using only CScart.
  • CScart upgrades & patches – including template and skin fixes.

In short, we have tremendous experience building out enterprise quality CS Cart systems as well as integrating backend, ETL or other complex requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project.