PHP Development: Company Projects and Applications

FDG Web builds custom PHP / MySQL applications both large and small. We help our clients develop the architecture, do rapid prototyping and help them get their ideas to market.

We also support and improve existing applications, including migrations, upgrades and helping companies chart the path forward for their critical systems.

The following are projects that we have helped build for our clients using a variety of technologies.

PHP Crowdfunding Application

We helped Realty Mogul with early prototyping during their start-up phase. They have now raised more than 45 million in capital and have more than 100 full-time employees. We help support their time development team to this day. Visit Realty Mogul to see how the system has grown.









PHP Property Management System

We built a custom property management application for Best Seller Author and Speaker Bryan Chavis. The system including reoccurring billing and subscription management for customers as well as a complete end-to-end solution for the tenant life cycle – from prospect to final move-out. The system included the ability to schedule work orders and manage property vendors. Users could manage multiple properties individually or they could group them, which facilitated the ability to allow property management companies to manage their owner’s properties under one application. Custom reporting unique to owner-needs help drive adoption. You can see a demo of our application on their website.
01 - Dashboard










PHP Dental Risk Assessment and Scoring Application

We were called upon to build out a suite of applications for a company that was later acquired by Delta Dental. We developed a custom application framework that housed several different software tools, APIs and management systems for dentists and customer-facing marketing tools.

Visit one of the apps by going to














Here’s a risk assessment reporting system that was used to deliver reports to users from marketing portals, HR sites and even a series of Kiosks we built that were put into Ballparks.









Internal screens from the Dentist-facing applications.


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