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Tom Granger
May 05, 2016
Project Summary
New ecommerce presence for elevator manufacturer. Website should be optimized for search engines & B2B sign-up process for onboarding customers.

Scope of work to include:

  • CMS Systems Options – site will have ability to create parent/child pages independent of product catalog.
  • Administrator/User Management functionality
  • Site Map Development
  • # of Pages (No “extra” pages outside of standard shopping cart pages, logins, account management, policy pages and all pages associated with the ecommerce checkout experience)
  • Account Management Dashboard – view orders, manage housekeeping tasks, password, etc.
  • 2 catalog mock-ups to be provided. Mainpage/Product Page.
  • 30-40 products to start - admin can add additional as needed.
  • Product pages will be able to contain product description(s) & pictures.
  • Multiple variants, options and custom fields per product can be created
  • Product Manuals and other potential content addition may be added on a per-product basis or as CMS content.
  • Ordering & checkout functionality
  • Order integration into SalesForce – includes proper creation of accounts and association. Contact forms will also flow into Salesforce as leads or contacts.
  • QuickBooks integration – client may need to map fields specific to their QuickBooks accounting. We will provide a bridge for connecting the systems. Work not related to programming may be required by customer or customers staff.
  • Project Workflow – TBD – we need discovery surrounding what data or information gets pushed back into a client’s account.
  • Email Integration – standard SMTP using client-provided mail server.
  • Account Management – Standard Magento account management system.
  • Responsive design, mobile supported functionality – experience should remain consistent across mobile, tablet and latest version of common browsers.
  • Secured Hosting Options - Inmotion Hosting – this would require a VPS or dedicated server.
Bid/Budget of $ 29,545


  • (2) design mock-ups to be provided. Third can be produced for an additional $1,600
  • “Dynamic” data – specifically products that require configurable options, need to have those options and dependencies defined in order to estimate additional required work.
  • Current bid assumes that standard options will be used for initial version of cart. An example of this would be linear options like color, size, etc. Options may be conditional and required or not required for products.
Terms: 25% Deposit to start. Final on sign-off and launch.

Timeline – Sites like this average around 60 - 75 days of design & development time.

* - any third-party stock photos may require a one-time license fee, typically $5 - $7 per photo credit – client may choose photos or provide existing images as needed.
Here’s how we work with our clients who have projects similar to yours.

Phase 1 – Kickoff Meeting

We will host a project kickoff meeting with you either in person or over the phone. This goal of this meeting is to go over the project scope, timeline and to discuss all project assets and deliveries for content.

We also will usually discuss:
  • Website sitemap and outline for navigation as well as any particular workflows for visitors to the site.
  • Any third-party plugins, systems or other integrations required
  • Look & feel, peer examples and brand guidelines
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Any technical requirements we do not control that are a part of the project that we need additional information on. (e.g. APIs, backend systems or payment gateways)

Phase 2 – Initial Design & Deployment

This phase involves creating the initial mockups for the new design as well as any sub-pages or call-to-action pages. This phase is to establish the look and feel as well as to block out the layout and “real estate” on the pages. Additional design refinements can still be accomplished after the design goes into the integration phase(s).

Phase 3 – Content integration, custom processes and development.

This phase involves putting together all of the content as well as programming for any of the features and functionality your project requires. This includes any CRM integration, ecommerce, quote/contact forms or other features.

Phase 4 – Final Testing and Deployment

This phase involves creating a final punch list for launch as well as making sure the site is compatible on Mobile, Tablet and all current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Coordination of any switch over from old system to new will be done at this time. Post-deployment and Go-live – we will re-test the production site to make sure everything is working.

This will usually include:
  • Adding Google Analytics and any conversion tracking to your site.
  • Ensuring all old site links have proper 301 redirects to the new site equivalents to help preserve SEO and page authority.
  • Adding an inbound 404 error detector so we can readdress deep-linked pages that you may not have known about or have a 1-to-1 equivalent to new pages in your site.
  • Testing all call-to-actions (forms, requests, and sign-ups) to ensure proper notifications are being received by the appropriate staff.
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