OSCommerce Point of Sale System

  • Also know as – OSC POS, OSCommerce POS, POS Plugin for OSC
  • POS System for OSCommerce
  • Point of sale for OSCommerce

Figure 1 – posshot1.png – Creating POS Orders in OSCommerce.

This screenshot demonstrates the standard three-part sales order view. The very top bar indicates where in the system you currently are. You are logged in as a sales-rep – “Dan” and you are processing a new sale. Next will come the individual line items.

Basic product lines in this OSC Point of Sale (POS) example, including kilt types and belt types, are specified in the first dropdown. Each has a two-letter code. Once these codes are learned, you can enter them without having to click the drop-down.

<p “>There are two types of order as specified in “Product”. A stock item is usually scanned, which populates the entire line with the relevant data. But it can still be manipulated manually. Grabbing the drop downs in a Stock Order will indicate what options are available, based on what you have already chosen. Choosing added-cost options will cause the drop down to change color and an extra cost amount to appear in the Attributes pane.

Figure 2 – posshot2.png – Using SKUs in OSCommerce & access your OSC Database via the Point of Sale System.

The SKU field is what the scanner will populate. Each combination of options has a unique SKU, so scanning a tag will cause all of the dropdowns to automatically update. When manually configuring an order, the SKU field is not normally touched. Clicking “Clear” will clear the entire line.

Putting more than a few line items in this view will give the Items pane a scrollbar, but in the top right corner of the pane, you’ll see an Expand button. This will expand the Items pane to the entire visible browser window, moving the Customer and Payment elements below the fold. The scrollbar will transfer to the browser window itself, as is depicted in the next screenshot.

Figure 3 – posshot3.png – Accessing customer data (OSC) via the POS.

When the Customer field is visible, it can be used to enter a new customer as depicted in Figure 1, to search for customers as depicted in Figure 2, or to display or edit existing customers as depicted below.

Figure 4 – posshot4.png – POS & Payment information. Using a POS in OSC to fullfill payment and transaction.

This also showcases some of the Payment field functionality. Since this functionality is usually tied to your preferred Gateway / Payment processor, we will not go into detail on it. It serves to indicate at a glance what the payment method and details are.

This POS System for OScommerce & ZenCart is VERY robust and is not one of those things that just comes off the shelf. It is a custom install service we’re happy to offer. For more information – call us at 877-239-3063 or 425-466-0804 if you are in the Seattle-area.

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