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What is mesothelioma & why should you care? Well, mesothelioma is a type cancer that is often fatal and is usually caused in most cases by exposure to asbestos.

Why do you care about this on a Web Marketing or Adsense blog? Well, for one .. it is one of the highest paying keywords currently on the Google Adsense system.

Who pays for it? Law firms big or small for one. They are the same groups you see on late night television hawking their ads and promises of large settlements if you think you have been exposed. Most of these are not even licensed to practice in the state they are advertising with and if you read the fine print you see that they tell you that you will deal with one of their “associates” – typically a firm that is a part of their network in your area.

They, the people putting on these ads are essentially marketing firms.

The Mesothelioma keywords are more likely to be purchased by law firms doing direct work for their clients. This is not always the case – however if you click on a few of these ads – you can quickly tell if it is going to a law firm or some sort of intermediary surrogate website or business.

You see try an example of that here:

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Apparently, botnets are now getting in on the action as well and whenever a user-computer get infected with a virus or bot – the user’s computer attempts to browse and emulate clicks or entice others to click through sites setup with just such content to generate clicks on the links. Some of these links generate a lot of money .. so now you know the financial incentive.

In the end – any search traffic you purchase in the form of keywords is only going to be as good as you have the ability to track conversions. If you have a shopping cart system, you can integrate conversion goals fairly easily and fairly cost effectively by adding Google Analyitcs and conversion tracking to your checkout success or receipt pages.

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