Inventory Management Systems for Shopify

What options exist for Inventory Management Systems for Shopify?

One of the things that cost clients a lot of time and money is keeping up to date with all of the various shippers they want to use in their shopping cart or dealing with back office inventory management systems. Some of these are older legacy desktop applications that do not connect easily to their online stores.

In terms of shipping, often these back-end systems are responsible for moving the product through an order process (receiving, fulfillment, shipping, etc) that is specific to the merchant’s business. Many merchants ship a wide variety of ways and unless you are willing to maintain the various accounts and APIs for each shipper – it may be easier to us an “All in One” shipping services that integrates with Shopify.

One of the services we use that has the highest customer satisfaction (we’ve even had prospective clients who already use this tell us it is a deal-breaker if their new cart doesn’t support it – is Shipping Easy.

What is Shipping Easy?

Shipping easy is a Software as a Service (Online shipping software) that helps save you money by providing discounted shipping rates across a wide variety of shipping services and makes it easy to integrate into Shopify. It also handles printing labels, processing & updating orders as well as automate tracking information that gets sent to your customers.

It also includes total integration into Shopify – giving you a Shopify Order & Inventory Management system.

Shipping Features include

  • Discounted shipping rates – Endicia account included.
  • Commercial Base and Commercial Plus pricing across ALL USPS products
  • Discounts ranging, on average from 9-46%+ plus additional hefty savings based on dimensions
  • Download and manage your orders with download sync.
  • Manage all of your orders from all of your sources and marketplace from one single interface
  • You can download your orders in real time from your various stores as the orders come in.
  • You can upload other orders via a CSV file or create one time labels by pasting addresses or selecting them from your address book
  • Real time tracking information pushed back into your store/s, including updating order statuses
  • Customization and branded shipment options let you control how your confirmation details look to your customers  – including full tracking to  keep your customers informed of their order status and shipment.
  • Quick and easy communication features reduce buyer questions and emails – allows you to spend less time on ad-hoc support tasks.
  • All major carriers, one system – plug in your existing account numbers or access DHL Global and International Consolidators to save you even more!
  • Allows you to sell on more channels like Channel Advisor and SolidCommerce.

Inventory Management For Shopify

In addition, Shipping Easy also has an Inventory Management platform for Shopify that includes features such as:

  • Managing inventory – manage products, variants and bundles of products. You can automatically update your stock levels across all selling channels and take better control of your committed stock. Upload/download products and variants, manage images for products and bundles, view detailed inventory information for your entire enterprise.
  • Purchase Orders – create, send and manage purchase orders for your clients. Auto-population of new purchase orders, tracking status, receive and update purchase orders as they arrive and update your inventory across your stores accordingly.
  • Manage Suppliers – manage a complete supplier database where you can assign products to a supplier. Update and manage supplier contacts, unit costs, payment terms, tax rates and more.
  • Store orders automatically decrement and reduce inventory (e.g. committed stock)
  • Rulesets to automatically prevent shipping out of stock items as well as creating low stock thresholds globally or on an individual product level basis.
  • Create, edit and send purchase orders and automatically update your inventories accordingly. Increase/decrease inventory automatically or override inventory for any product in real-time.
  • Auto-populate purchase orders with product and supplier info and email them to suppliers automatically. (also includes print/fax PDFs of purchase orders)
  • Track purchase order statuses and allows you to receive full or partial POs
  • Manage tax ID, unit costs for products, your payment terms and view past purchase orders by supplier & delivery status.

This is just a brief overview of the features available for Inventory Management Systems for Shopify using ShippingEasy. We’ve been looking for an all in one cloud-based solution to help replace older legacy system like Stone Edge Order Manager, Mail Order Manager (MOM) and even older systems like Access or Filemaker Pro.

You can view a full list of Shopify Order Management Features by visiting the Shipping Easy Website.

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