How to send HTML Email with Entourage (Mac)

In preferences, you need to have “Display complex HTML in messages” and “Allow
network access when displaying complex HTML” checked. Also uncheck and rechecked
to see if that makes a difference.

Entourage Product Support information:

You may need to download the “send complex html” applescript from

should let you use absolute/full pathnames for the files. Be
sure it is the *server* pathname and not your local machine.

Using a base href tag will help as well.


To send HTML email messages using, you need an additional header in
your outgoing mail. To set an additional header, go into Entourage,
pull down from “Tools” to “Accounts”, double-click on your account,
then click on “Options”. From there, type in the following values:

Header: content-type
Value: text/html

The best thing to do is create a separate account for sending HTML
mail only, because Entourage will try to encode ALL of your outgoing
messages as HTML from that point forward, so anything that doesn’t
have HTML code will be all squished together and become unreadable.

Now remember, your message should be written as HTML code, so the
message would start off as:

and end with

Everything else within the HTML tags would be standard HTML code, and
be sure to make ALL of your links ABSOLUTE LINKS (include the full

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