Dedicated, VPS and Shared Hosting Speeds (Bandwidth, MBPS, etc)

We get this a lot when talking to customers, namely they bring up an example of a web hosting outfit who is offering a cheaper rate or more bandwidth for a lower price.

Example. We have a client who pushes about 620 gigs of data a month on one of our dedicated servers. They stream a large amount of videos (no, it is not what you think).

Now the way we work, being a specialty web host and all – is we do not employ limiting software for our clients as far as how much of the “pipe” they can use. So, that means their customers get to access that data up to 100 MBPS if they can download that fast. The bottom line is that if you suddenly get national attention and a rush of traffic because you were mentioned on Oprah – we want you to be able to withstand that and not have your website go down. We’d rather come back and talk if it continues rather than have some cost-saving software on our end cut you off at the knees.
It is all about the server’s connection to the Internet (the “pipe” if you will), so to put it into perspective – here’s what you get with different hosts.


Typical Shared Hosting Account = as low as 256k/sec

Typical VPS / Virtual Private Server  = 1.5mps

Typical Basic Dedicated Server = 10mps

Typical High-end Dedicated Server (Like Us)  = 100mps


That’s why the question “How much Bandwidth do I get?” is such a loaded one. It’s quality –vs- quantity.

Your shared web hosting account may offer “unlimited” data transfer a month – but to move that 620 gigs of data would take exactly:

264 Days 2 Hours 3 Minutes 33.76 Seconds on a share hosted –vs- 19 hours on our servers.

If you run a Point of Sale System ( POS ) & or Store on the same server, then performance is impacted by everything going on on that server.

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