XML Flash Cards – Flashcard Template

XML Flashcard Template – Create Flashcards with text and audio! Randomize and Remove cards as you go!
A little bit about the product.. (Flash Source Code Version)
  • Uses XML to load all types of data
  • Full featured Flash animated transitions
  • Lightweight, easy to customize, change card colors, background colors
  • Allows for audio files to be attached to cards. Add an audio cue or pronounciation.
  • Use symbol fonts instead of text and you’ve created a symbol recognition guide!
  • Multi-language support using unicode characters.
  • This is the Full Source code Version!
Perfect for: 
  • Teaching or Learning a Language using Interactive Flash Cards.
  • Using audio to aide Phrasing, Diction and Pronounciation.

See a demo of the Flash Card Template application here!

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