Custom Software Development in PHP & MySQL

Over the years – our team has developed a number of web applications for start-up and enterprise businesses alike. Some are 100% propitiatory  .. others are a mix of existing technologies with custom programming to meet the requirements and desired functionality. Whatever your needs are – we can build it.

Some recent projects have included:

  • Rental Property Software – A rental property management application that included subscription billing, usage thresholds and allowed a user to manage a single property of entire networks of properties from a single dashboard. We codified and monetized the management of the entire tenant life-cycle from advertising the lease; move-in and move out to final checkout and return of deposit. For owners and investors – we provided views into the rent roll and capitalization a particular property would have – whether it was individually owned or owned in a joint partnership. You can see the entire application here – Rental Property Systems
  • Realty Mogul – a Crowd Funding Application framework that allows accredited investors to sign up and view, watch or invest in fractional ownership of real estate or notes (debt). Featured on the Wall Street Journal and Forbes – we continue to work with Realty Mogul developing features along side their full-time staff for this growing business.
  • Check My Status – Online STD Test & Screening Software. Check My Status is billed as a safe, secure way to know your partner’s sexual health status. This application provides the ability to exchange reliable and private sexual health information through their website. We built a subscription and billing system coupled with an administrative application that allows their staff to process test results from various labs and push information into the subscriber accounts.
  • Estimate My Dental Score – The “EMDS” is a suite of application that allow users to estimate their oral disease and risk by answering a few pages of questions. This non-HIPAA tool then shows the users a report and a list of Dentists who can verify their scores using an in-clinic application.

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