How to create an up-sell feature in Shopify

Shopping cart up-sell feature (using Bold Up-sell App):

The shopping cart up-sell features App allows for special offers to be shown to users when they add a particular product or dollar amount into their cart.

IMPORTANT – this is NOT a discount module. It WILL NOT allow you to specify a discount. This is probably because Shopify doesn’t want conflicts to easily occur in discounting.

This means that you CREATE a discounted product first that is hidden ..  and let it “up-sell” the product at a lower price (or not).

To start using: Go to:

Apps >> Product Up-sell

Apps by Bold Commerce have a rather robust help system, so this document is just a basic “how-to”. You can find a wealth of information and tips in their help section here: you already have a product you are up-selling – skip to step #1. If you do not, then you should create a product first and make it hidden and not available in the online store.

e.g. Create a second product that is 10% lower than normal retail.

Create New Offer


Select when the offer should show. Currently this is ONLY implemented when they click add-to cart. We can implement when they click “CHECKOUT”, however it requires an addition to the template first.

Checkout offers are often used to push up average order amount if you offer a promo like free shipping. For example – if you offer free shipping for order over $49 – you can add a product up-sell whenever visitors currently are under a $49.98 threshold in their cart.

Next, select the offer trigger – use trigger offer if any of the selected product(s) are already in the customer’s cart. Then you match product up-sells to the products in there cart. Less is usually more..  give them 1-2 choices at a discount instead of a multitude.

IMPORTANT – Offer name and offer title is what is shown to the user. This is limited in how much text you can show.


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