Affidavit of Copyright with Release (Non-Original)

Affidavit of Copyright with Release (Non-Original)
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Includes a copyright release.

The Affidavit of Original Work agreement is used when you need a signed statement from an author stating that the material they provided is an original work of that author. You can not always take an authors word that what they provided is unique, it could have been lifted from another source. At the very least, get it in writing that the author can not refute at a later date.

This version is used when it is known that non-original works are included in the material provided by the author. For example, if the author is doing research and is including reference material that they did not create themselves. The non-original works are identified separately from the original works so there is no confusion over what you have rights to use as original work.

This version also includes a copyright release for the original works and indemnification.

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