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Copyright transfer.

The Copyright Transfer Short Form is used to transfer the copyright ownership of a project from one party to another. This agreement is more project based and can be used for transferring ownership of the copyright after a project is complete. By default, the developer normally retains ownership of the copyrights of material created for a client unless the developer is an employee or ownership is given specifically to the client in the contract.

In many cases, the clients may assume (often incorrectly) that they own the material. You should at least retain ownership of the copyrights until after the client has paid all invoices in full and such terms are normally part of the initial contract. If the client backs out for whatever reason and/or payments are not made, the developers should normally retain ownership of the material.
This can be useful for artists, graphic designers, writers, programmers, developers, photographers, media creators, singers, film and video producers and anyone else who creates intellectual property.

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