Company Culture


  • We work a full productive day each and every day.
  • We actually believe in a work/life balance and do not use “work hard / play hard” hyperbole. Work hard. Go home. Come back. Repeat for success.
  • Rarely will you ever be called upon to work more than an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week.
  • We believe in entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We believe that being honest and telling the truth to each other and our clients is the best policy.
  • We believe in owning up to mistakes and it is ok to say “I don’t know” rather than faking it.
  • We foster our developers becoming better designers and our designers becoming better at development.
  • We believe in career advancement, adding new skills and being compensated more and more each year for those skills.
  • We believe in being flexible with schedules as the need arises in return for responsibility and follow-through.


We understand what it is like to have two parent teacher conferences scheduled in the same day with one of them requiring the child to be present and the other doesn’t.

Now, you could drive home in-between, and then come back to the office, but that’s another hour of time burned and now you have to manage the problem of the younger one getting off the bus @ 2:30 while the older one stays later and joins you at the conference he’s supposed to be at. You’ve been trying to trust the younger child alone in the house, but last time she stuck a plastic fork in the toaster when the bread got stuck because you SPECIFICALLY said they should use NEVER a metal utensil EVER in the toaster. Being plastic and not specifically not metal – it melted and briefly set the top of the toaster ablaze. When the smoke alarm went off due to the sweet sickening smell of plastic – the monitored fire alarm you got convinced to purchase by that salesperson alerts both your phone and the local fire department who are now rushed over to your home after calling your cell phone and just about everyone else in the neighborhood.

You are 20 minutes into the meeting when your child texts you and asks “What gets out bleach from a carpet?”

Thankfully you have personal days with our company and just took the whole afternoon as a mulligan.