Site RedesignShowcase

Revision 2

Changes: We’ve shortened up the vertical space that the navigation and logo take up. We’ve also switched the logo to using the Open Sans Bold typeface. We also move towards the ‘Apple’ lighter/open/clean look. A “What’s Happening” section has been added as well with examples of the most recent 3 posts and the how it works/partners links have been moved to the bottom.

We’ve brought the new nav and lighter look over to the subpage and have added a bit more contrast in the alternating lower sections.

Revision 1

Redesign of the homepage. Went with a slightly graphical text logo. The primary colors are the dark blue, light grey, white, and small accents of yellow. Most of the content is from the existing site but would be setup to be able to be edited as new content is created.

Top three boxes under the main title message lead into major sections of the site.

Shortened header with page title in the message spot. Links below this jump you down the page as it is a longer scrolling page. Each section alternates white & light grey background and images can be incorporated easily on the left or right of the content.